łukasz lewczyński <> in openlmis-requisition

OLMIS-5909: Fixed issue with finding requisitions by role assignments

OLMIS-5909: Added permission role check when requisition has not set supervisoryNodeId field

OLMIS-5909: Unset supervisoryNodeId when requisition is rejected

OLMIS-5909: Added missing tests for permission service

OLMIS-5909: Fixed NPE

OLMIS-5909: Refactored Permission Service

OLMIS-5909: Made code more consistent (FEOLMIS-3616)

OLMIS-5909: Fixed issue with finding partner requisitions by forApproval endpoint

OLMIS-5909: Modified the way how search endpoint works

OLMIS-5909: Renamed UserDto methods

OLMIS-5909: fixed PMD issue

OLMIS-5909: Update UserDto unit tests

OLMIS-5909: Added missing unit tests to verify user permission to approve requisition

OLMIS-5909: Removed unnecessary method from AuthenticationHelper

OLMIS-5909: Refactored PermissionService to be less complicated

OLMIS-5909: Refactored search endpoint to pass object instead of list of parameters

OLMIS-5909: Fixed sonar issue

OLMIS-5909: Adjust check for endpoints that change requisition status

OLMIS-5909: Converted RightDto field from enum to string

The enum is not used in the requisition service but because of that if

a new right type will be added in the future the requisition service would

not be able to handle right dto with the new type because the value is not

in the enum.

OLMIS-5909: Added service to retrieve roles

OLMIS-4122: Removed programId column from requisition templates table

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OLMIS-5142: Put null values instead of zeros in line items

OLMIS-5142: Added error message for requisition duplication error

OLMIS-5142: Fixed issue with transient value in RequisitionPermissionString

OLMIS-5142: renamed methods

OLMIS-5142: Redesigned RequisitionSplitter

OLMIS-5142: Renamed feature flag

OLMIS-5142: added JavaDoc to RequisitionSplitter.setRequisition

OLMIS-5142: move check in reject method to private method for better reading

OLMIS-5142: moved if statement to private method