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OLMIS-5226: Fixed problem with handling sorting by oldest authorized

OLMIS-5226: Renamed integration tests

OLMIS-5226: Handle requisitions with several authorized status changes

OLMIS-5226: Added sort parameter to requisitionsForApproval endpoint

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OLMIS-5366: Moved setting page parameters to new method

OLMIS-5366: Fixed incorrect call for previous periods

OLMIS-5301: Create local array when exporting status changes

OLMIS-5301: Improved exporting requisition status changes

OLMIS-3078: Removed extra cascade types from the field

OLMIS-3078: Improved requisition repository integration test

OLMIS-3078: Improved requisition repository integration test

OLMIS-3078: fixed checkstyle

OLMIS-3078: fixed checkstyle

OLMIS-3078: Fixed broken integration test

OLMIS-3078: Fixed broken integration test

OLMIS-5065: Moved up requisition timestamps validation upper

OLMIS-5065: Brought back timestamps validation

OLMIS-5148: Adjusted the migration

OLMIS-5148: Extended migration to add column to all req templates

OLMIS-4876: moved performance data to demo data container

OLMIS-4876: Applied new demo data loading approach

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OLMIS-4981: Renamed unit test

OLMIS-4981: Use requisition field instead of method parameter

OLMIS-4981: Support approving report-only requisitions

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OLMIS-1391: Added missing license header

OLMIS-1391: Added missing lombok annotation to ResultDto

OLMIS-1391: Added missing tests for external services

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OLMIS-4639: Made Requisition's numberOfMonthsInPeriod field as invariant

OLMIS-4671: Fixed broken performance test

It seems like there are more demo data and because of that the endpoint

does not return correct data. Also to avoid issues with this scenario

when other failed the test gets all requisitions for convert.

OLMIS-3803: Retrieve access token only once in performance tests

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