nick reid <> in openlmis-requisition-ui

OLMIS-3876: Separate navigational elements from table filter

OLMIS-3108: Remove

OLMIS-3108: Updated configuration for new transifex configuration

Add batch requisition approval screen markup

This reverts commit 5e11070a22ee946c12562e83eaa273555ab10058.

Return to 5.2.0-SNAPSHOT

This reverts commit f8a23a692942b2c89a8377a202e7d422ff0d30ed.

Releasing v5.2.0-RC3

OLMIS-3573: Remove one-time binding on ng-repeat to make "revert" work

Remove batch requisition related markup so batch requisitions is not included in the release

OLMIS-3182: Remove accidentally added volume

OLMIS-3182: Remmoved additional page formatting

OLMIS-3182: Updated layout to feel more connected

OLMIS-3182: Hack to fix empty input wrappers

OLMIS-3182: Re-added missing curly brace

OLMIS-3182: Changed markup to set sticky columns more easily

OLMIS-3182: Fixed unit test

OLMIS-3182: Add openlmis-table-pane to batch screen

OLMIS-2956: Change goToRequisitionForPeriod to goToRequisition

OLMIS-2956: Changes for calrity from review

OLMIS-2956: Replaced userRightFactory with permissionService

OLMIS-2956: Move auth-ui to v6.0.0-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-3098: Reverted approval screen to before MW-399 changes

OLMIS-3088: Updated error icon style

OLMIS-2797: removed invalid-row

OLMIS-2797: Added event to show validation error messages

OLMIS-2799: changed to ng-maxlength so values are interopolated

OLMIS-2799: Moved status message to top because layout easier

OLMIS-2799: Changed to use correct maxlength property (not maxlength)

OLMIS-2799: Changed requisition save error notifications to alerts

OLMIS-2799: Fixed status-message layout to be less "div-it-y"

OLMIS-2801: Corrected add product button display