nick reid <> in openlmis-requisition-ui

OLMIS-3876: Updated change log

Changed title from "Requisition Reference UI" to "Requisition UI"

OLMIS-3108: Added changelog entry

Merge pull request #14 from OpenLMIS-Malawi/olmis-3829

OLMIS-3829: Refactor product grid readOnly

Updated date message string to be more specific

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Bumped dev-ui to v5

Added placeholder for 5.1.1

Updating docker images to SNAPSHOTS

Bumping to 5.1.1-SNAPSHOT

Updated dev-ui image

Updated version to 4.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Updated instructions to include adding a .env file

OLMIS-1442: Organized documentation around specific objects

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OLMIS-1254: Entered entire document

OLMIS-1254: Added more content to the examples section

Added stubs for changes to coding conventions

@mkwiatkowskisoldevelo, @ngraczewski, and @nickreid discussed how well the coding conventions are being followed, and what items are missing from the coding conventions to make them better match the current codebase.

The changes are just notes for now.

Used correct bulleted list

Merge pull request #2 from OpenLMIS/OLMIS-1030

OLMIS-1030 Compiled JS and CSS into less files