elias muluneh <> in openlmis-requisition-ui

OLMIS-4966: remove unessary check of isDisplayed. inverse if statement to remove operator.

OLMIS-4966: added tests that cover two conditions.

OLMIS-4966: Added additional column on requisition template.

Validate the requisition template to make sure that the additionalQuantityRequired field

is only enabled when adjsted consumption column is also visible.

Calculate adjusted consumption when additional quantity required is changed.

Fix indentation

Add missing test

OLMIS-4865: Address code review feedbacks

Use array.filter instead of angular.forEach functions

Add documentation @return

Move error handling code to catch(

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OLMIS-4865: additional test for releasing without order.

OLMIS-4865: release requisition without order

This commit also refactors the convert to order functionality to use the new batchReleases api.

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Revert "OLMIS-4684: Address review feedback."

This reverts commit 903e4ee

Moving the refresh to after the modal has closed breaks the desired functionality.

Reverting it back.

OLMIS-4684: Address review feedback.

Refresh the product grid only after a user clicks add products in the modal

OLMIS-4684: Address review feedback.

re-implement count skipped line items feature without using state variable.

Add missing tests,

use array.filter instead of angular filter.

OLMIS-46834: Show the number of hidden full supply products that are skipped and hidden from screen.

OLMIS-4687: Make search products case insensitive, correct a few code style issues

OLMIS-4686: few css and label improvements

Make the table in add full supply product modal fill the modal window

Change the title of the modal window to "Add Products" with the "s"

OLMIS-4684, OLMIS-4685: Fix failing tests, incorporate review feedback.

Added change logs, and addressed code review feedbacks

OLMIS-4684: Show an add product button on full supply line requisition tab when template is configured accordingly. When add product button is clicked, Show a modal window to allow user to un-skip previously skipped line items. OLMIS-4685: Allow users to search products in the add full supply line items modal window.

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OLMIS-4686, OLMIS-4687: Hide skipped line items from create requisition and approval screens

Only hide the line items when template is configured to hide skipped line items.

OLMIS-4792: add change log

OLMIS-4792: use the existing message filter, remove translateLabel method.

OLMIS-4792: Add missing semi colon.

OLMIS-4792: Make text under additional options column of requisition template translatable

Add keys to requisition constants

Introduce a new controller method to translate text

Use translated text in the template

OLMIS-4681 changed case to make the new dropdown label consistent with previous options.

OLMIS-4861 - Add source and additional options for 'skipped' column

Add source options for skipped column of requisition templates. This is for

an administrator to choose if a requisition template should remember 'skipped'

column values from previous period's regular requisition or not.

An additional option is also introduced in this commit to configure

whether the R&R page should disable skipped line items or hide them.

The demo data has been updated to include the default value for the additional option.

The migration script also includes script that migrates existing implementations.

Requisition page changes related to this configuration are not yet implemented.