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Fix order of cleaning up workspace

Clean up workspace after builds

To avoid errors during pipeline because directories cannot be deleted during git checkout.

OLMIS-6760 Use MediaType constants when possible

OLMIS-6760 Let Spring Boot Gradle plugin manage certain dependencies

For the dependencies that the plugin can manage, let it manage them.

OLMIS-6760 Add to changelog

Also, update to next minor version and make other minor changes.

OLMIS-6760 Update service to use Spring Boot 2.x

* Update to Spring Boot 2.2.x using Spring Boot Gradle plugin.

* Because of Spring Boot, also need to update PowerMock to v2.

* Spring Security OAuth2 is reconfigured to specific release (2.2.2).

* Update Flyway to 6.x because of various Flyway issues from earlier versions.

* Because of RAML issues, RAML tester updated and specific version of RAML parser used.

* Spring Data method names have been changed (existsById, findById, deleteById), and methods return Optional, not null.

* Call of new PageRequest replaced with PageRequest.of.

* Reimplement generation of Jasper reports (PDF, CSV, XLS, HTML).

* Add Keep-Alive header to API definition because of integration test errors.

* Fix checkstyle issue.

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OLMIS-4197 Add CCE alert history report

Not visible in report template list. Requires CCE_INVENTORY_VIEW right. Past 30 days is embedded into the report. Some complexity in parsing and formatting timestamps; need to turn what is stored in database into ISO 8601, and then format it into what is currently considered the default datetime format in the UI.

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OLMIS-3463 Add ERD generate script for service

Each service should be in charge of its own ERD generation. Remove the external port number, as it’s not necessary anymore and it could conflict with other services’ ERD generation jobs.

Revert "OLMIS-3463 Remove ERD generation docker compose file"

This reverts commit 6d34b725f08230a3066a8e9fdcfb5158caabe536.

OLMIS-3463 Remove ERD generation docker compose file

A generic version of this file has been added to the Ref Distro, so this one is not needed anymore.

OLMIS-3116 Change user home facility from Facility DTO to UUID

To reflect change in reference data.

Update style guide: UUIDs should end in "Id"

OLMIS-1933 Change infrastructure/dev images from latest to 1

Moving away from latest to versioned image.

OLMIS-1933 Change postgres image from latest to 9.4

Moving away from latest to versioned image.

OLMIS-1741 Rename blue to reference distribution

Blue is being deprecated in favor of reference distribution/ref distro.

OLMIS-832 Update based on review feedback


OLMIS-832 Add info about Transifex and the build

Add info about what happens in Transifex when the message source is modified.

OLMIS-1560 Update Flyway document

Update after discussion and incorporation of review comments.

OLMIS-1560 Document high level guide on writing schema migrations

Also linked from style guide.

Update style guide: UUID columns should end in id

Update style guide with guidelines for right names

Establish a standardized pattern for right names.

OLMIS-1162 Update style guide to talk about JSON value responses

We should enforce consistency in returning JSON values in endpoints by recommending they are wrapped in a JSON object. This is to be compliant with all JSON parsers.

OLMIS-894 Update style guide

Add entry about JSON schemas for RAML be put in separate JSON files.

Update style guide after review comments

Clarify no DTOs even for relationships in exporter/importer interfaces. Clarify resource as REST resource.

Update style guide with additional Java guidelines

* Add point about Importer/Exporter pattern

* Discourage use of no args constructor that Hibernate needs

* Design of domain objects vs. REST API resources

OLMIS-1083 Update style guide from review comments

Make things clearer about package naming.

OLMIS-1083 Update the style guide with new guidelines

Regarding generated filed, package naming and exceptions.

Update testing document with tooling

Add list of tools used in automated testing strategy.

Update testing document

Add info on updating a resource with PUT

PUT is not necessarily an update; add info to indicate that.

Also reformat some lines to wrap at 100 characters.