łukasz lewczyński <> in openlmis-report

OLMIS-6313: Keep only 3 last builds for release branches

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into failing-branch

OLMIS-6313: Adjusted buildDiscarder properties for dev

Bumped version to 1.1.4-SNAPSHOT

Release 1.1.3

Revert "Released report v1.1.3-RC1"

This reverts commit ca266859e19390b04b87c734124cba91507d5dbf.

Released report v1.1.3-RC1

OLMIS-4876: Removed demo data structure

OLMIS-2923: Update demo data loading

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OLMIS-4649: fixed sonar issue

Revert "Revert "Bump version to 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT""

This reverts commit 1e237d5eda2f9a11af962129b5fd4d19223ca5ae.

Revert "Bump version to 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT"

This reverts commit 12e71188164fd87d237e8b1f5715bb43051a0aae.

Bump version to 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT

1.1.0 release

Set correct service version

Release 1.0.1-RC1


OLMIS-3708: Introduced API Console

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OLMIS-4450: Hide zero filled quantity rows in the report

OLMIS-4450: Fixed broken Pick Pack List report

OLMIS-4117: removed dependency between IT and ramlToSwagger steps

OLMIS-239: Removed Dispensing Unit column.

OLMIS-239: Fixed problem with too many rows in report

OLMIS-239: Added sum for each orderable group

OLMIS-239: Added missing javadocs

OLMIS-239: Modified equals tests with prefab values

OLMIS-239: Modified the report style

OLMIS-239: Fixed problem with incorrect header

OLMIS-239: Added required rights to pick pack list report

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OLMIS-239: Added visible flag to jasper templates