mateusz kwiatkowski <> in openlmis-referencedata

OLMIS-5666: added flushing user after removing right assignments

OLMIS-5666: fixed integration tests

OLMIS-5666: added supervisory node id into equals method

OLMIS-5666: removed unnecessary throws statement

OLMIS-5666: removed supervisoryNodeId fromm equals method in right assignment dto

OLMIS-5666: added unique constraint in right assignment entity class

OLMIS-5666: moved getting facilities for supervisory nodes to remove duplicates

OLMIS-5666: added unique constraint to right assignment table

cleared duplicates from right assignment table

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OLMIS-5666: changed list to set in right regeneration task

Revert "OLMIS-5666: added flushing repository after saving user"

This reverts commit 09a71c74f5fc376256ab269e78af1b2bf533ee03.

OLMIS-5666: added flushing repository after saving user

OLMIS-5666: added logging with right/role assignments in user update method

OLMIS-5666: added logging role assignments of user in permission strings endpoint

OLMIS-5666: added missing {} in log statement

OLMIS-5666: added more logging to permission strings endpoint

OLMIS-5666: changed clearing assignments from assigning new collection to clear method

OLMIS-5666: changed user update method to get old user from db

OLMIS-5666: fixed missing returning of saved user in user controller it

OLMIS-5666: changed user info returned after update to be from db

added additional logging in user update method

OLMIS-5666: added logging for right assignments after update

OLMIS-5666: removed logging from right regeneration task

OLMIS-5666: defined constant for duplicated literals

OLMIS-5666: added profiler and temporarily added logs to right assignment regeneration method

Revert "OLMIS-4999: added more processing periods to quaterly schedule"

This reverts commit 0f993e0cf104638792a830f9278f14947bef7a7e.

OLMIS-4999: added more processing periods to quaterly schedule

OLMIS-5036: changed performance requirements for orderable endpoints

OLMIS-5036: lowered performance requirements for couple tests

OLMIS-5387: disabled success notifications for dev branches

Revert "OLMIS-5387: temporarily broke the build for slack notification testing"

This reverts commit ad020849bba6d7d29deb9e6c100c582fb0e92f34.

OLMIS-5387: disabled success slack notifications for dev branches