łukasz lewczyński <> in openlmis-referencedata

OLMIS-6358: Fixed broken IT

OLMIS-6358: Extracted orderable meta to new class

Exactly the same metadata will be used in facility type approved product.

OLMIS-6351: Added missing schema to native queries

OLMIS-6351: Update FTAP demo data

OLMIS-6351: Removed code duplication (sonar)

OLMIS-6351: Dropped reference to orderable version from FTAP

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Remove env file after containers are stopped on sonar step

Remove unnecessary parameter in JAVA_OPTS

Set JAVA_OPTS for referencedata in erd-generation step

OLMIS-6313: Keep only 3 last builds for release branches

OLMIS-6313: Adjusted buildDiscarder properties for dev

Bumped version to 13.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Release 13.0.0

OLMIS-5907: Upgrade dependency-check gradle plugin

OLMIS-5907: Upgrade wiremock

OLMIS-5907: Set correct display order for ARV products

OLMIS-6066: Upgrade HAPI FHIR to 3.7.0 and use R4 structure


OLMIS-5909: Added missing role assignments for chaz user

OLMIS-5909: Added ability to approve partner requisition by partner user

OLMIS-5990: Added missing tests

OLMIS-5990: Added ability to search roles by right ID

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OLMIS-5909: Removed requisition group from partner supervisory node

OLMIS-5142: Renamed feature flag

OLMIS-5142: Update demo data

OLMIS-5142: Added REQUISITION_SPLIT feature flag

OLMIS-5142: enabled togglz endpoint in consul

OLMIS-5142: enabled togglz endpoint

Added unit tests for RightAssignmentDto

OLMIS-5501: Created users with report role