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OLMIS-5384: Removed unnecessary FHIR code

For now, we will only support DSTU3 version of FHIR server and we assume

that clients are using our implementation of FHIR server which

is only configured to support DSTU3. Also, mCSD is a profile of DSTU3 and

it is not supported on anything below DSTU3.

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OLMIS-5384: Added authorization options for FHIR client

OLMIS-5343: Update changelog

OLMIS-5343: Added ability to find user by home facility supervision

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OLMIS-4949: added test for Facility.updateFrom method

OLMIS-4949: added javadocs

OLMIS-4949: Update changelog

OLMIS-4949: Converted DomainResourceBuilder into an interface

OLMIS-4949: Moved facility creation to builder

OLMIS-3341: Removed DELETE /api/processingPeriods/{id} endpoint

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OLMIS-4949: Made that the facility code is unique case insensitive

OLMIS-5262: fixed sonar issue with too many parameters in method

OLMIS-5262: removed another code duplication

OLMIS-5262: removed code duplication

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OLMIS-5262: Added ability to syncing FHIR-related data changes to FHIR server

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OLMIS-4876: fixed issue with skipping demo data stage

OLMIS-4876: Added stage for building demo data image

OLMIS-5040: Fixed demo data issues

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OLMIS-5040: Update details about vnurse users

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OLMIS-5019: Fixed problem with creating FTAP


OLMIS-3705: GET /api/users will not omit params if id param is passed

OLMIS-4985: added missing tests

OLMIS-4985: Fixed sonar issues

OLMIS-4985: Changed the user resource structure

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OLMIS-4907: send request after response dto is created

The request body does not always contain all information (like id field).

That is way we firstly need to create a response body and then use it to

create a correct request body to the external service.

OLMIS-4907: changed POST call to PUT call

OLMIS-4907: fixed problem with incorrect endpoint call

OLMIS-4907: send user contact details to the notification service

OLMIS-4833: removed unused method