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OLMIS-5909: Added missing role assignments for chaz user

OLMIS-5909: Added ability to approve partner requisition by partner user

OLMIS-5990: Added missing tests

OLMIS-5990: Added ability to search roles by right ID

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    • +16
OLMIS-5909: Removed requisition group from partner supervisory node

OLMIS-5142: Renamed feature flag

OLMIS-5142: Update demo data

OLMIS-5142: Added REQUISITION_SPLIT feature flag

OLMIS-5142: enabled togglz endpoint in consul

OLMIS-5142: enabled togglz endpoint

Added unit tests for RightAssignmentDto

OLMIS-5501: Created users with report role

OLMIS-5614: lowered case constraint name in error handler

OLMIS-5614: Fixed typos

OLMIS-5668: Fixed sonar bug in user repository

OLMIS-5614: Fixed demo data

OLMIS-5614: Added error message when SN is not partner node of other SN

OLMIS-5614: Fixed issue with demo-data

OLMIS-5614: Changed list fields to set in SupplyPartnerAssociation

OLMIS-5614: Provided validation for supply partner resource

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    • +2
OLMIS-5614: Added bidirectional relation between regular and partner nodes

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OLMIS-5667: Fixed problem updating supervisory nodes

As a user, I was unable to remove optional fields like facility, parent

node or child nodes from my supervisory node on update.

OLMIS-5622: Update demo data

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    • +149
OLMIS-5654: Renamed IT

OLMIS-5654: Fixed sonar issues

OLMIS-5654: Added ability to search supply partners by supervisoryNodeId

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    • +13
OLMIS-5622: Modified role assignments

OLMIS-5620: Fixed problem with null value in field

It seems like we can't use @GeneratedValue and @GenericGenerator

annotations in the @Embeddable class like OrderableIdentity. That is why

we generate a value for the id field manually in the class but only if

the passed value is null.

OLMIS-5620: Fixed problem with NPE in Orderable.lastUpdated field