klaudia pałkowska <> in openlmis-referencedata-ui

OLMIS-3773: Adjusted UI after changing /facilities endpoint to return page instead of array

OLMIS-5356: Updated message

OLMIS-5356: Added info about searching products by code

OLMIS-5356: Fixed typo, added missing return and set button type as submit

OLMIS-4928: Made keeping build secure

OLMIS-5002: Removed duplications

OLMIS-5002: Added email notifications after failures

Fixed Sonar issues

OLMIS-4805: Updated Jenkinsfile and to enable branch analysis

OLMIS-3240: Removed test for html and unused method from the controller

OLMIS-3240: Restored method removed by mistake, fixed Sonar issues and added tests

OLMIS-3240: Fixed indentation in routes

OLMIS-3240: Removed duplications in admin-facility modules

OLMIS-4801: Updated Jenkinsfile to set keepLog flag as true when releasing

OLMIS-2998: Simplify html code

OLMIS-2998: Removed unused from routes and fixed wrong html checks

OLMIS-2998: Fixed html - changed supplyingFacility to supervisoryNode

OLMIS-2998: Added missed semicolon

OLMIS-2998: Added served facilities popover to supply line and allowed filtering by program

OLMIS-4187: Fixed no pagination on the Users list and no selected tab on the User Roles

OLMIS-4547: Added buildAsInactive method to the FacilityTypeDataBuilder

OLMIS-4547: Added deactivated method to the FacilityTypeDataBuilder

Fixed Sonar bugs

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OLMIS-4227: Moved private functions outside the decorator

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OLMIS-4227: Updated changelog

OLMIS-4227: Reduced conditional operators

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OLMIS-4227: Fixed bug in adding role assignments

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OLMIS-4101: Added missed semicolon

OLMIS-4101: Fixed typo in ProgramOrderableDataBuilder

OLMIS-4101: Added ProgramOrderableDataBuilder