łukasz lewczyński <> in openlmis-referencedata-ui

OLMIS-5717: Fixed issue with undefined instead of facility name on user roles screen

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OLMIS-5668: started using GET /users/auth/{id} endpoint

OLMIS-5488: Updated changelog

OLMIS-5488: Applied style all select2 inside component

OLMIS-5488: Added style for select2 in openlmis-facility-program-select

OLMIS-5488: Added style to openlmis-facility-program-select

OLMIS-5679: Fixed broken button translation

OLMIS-5667: Handled optional fields in supervisory node model

OLMIS-5354: Fixed issue in breadcrumb

OLMIS-5355: Fixed typo

OLMIS-5354: Changed header and turned off fields

OLMIS-5355: add test for AdminSupplyPartnerAddService.initSupplyPartner

OLMIS-5355: Fixed typos

OLMIS-5355: Created service to decorate supply partner create method

OLMIS-5355: Fixed broken tests

OLMIS-5355: Create service to decorate supply partner create method

OLMIS-5355: Fixed incorrect type in ngdoc

OLMIS-5355: Renamed files

OLMIS-5355: Added Add Supply Partner modal

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OLMIS-4292: Changed facility service and factory to reflect endpoint refactor

OLMIS-5409: Updated ui-components to version 7.0.0

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OLMIS-5134: Update JSDoc

OLMIS-5134: Fixed sonar issue

OLMIS-5134: Added ability to find user's role assignments by supervisoryNodeId and programId

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OLMIS-4835: Added ability to opt-out from notifications

OLMIS-4833: Fixed problem with pending verification message

OLMIS-4833: Added test for request rejection

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OLMIS-4833: removed VerificationEmail class

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OLMIS-4833: Fixed tests

OLMIS-4833: State should be reload only on success