nick reid <> in openlmis-reference-ui

Revert "OLMIS-3655: Add OpenLMIS-UI overview documentation"

This reverts commit 30c19f8143a402241152a210b1f51c700f88cb73.

OLMIS-3655: Add OpenLMIS-UI overview documentation

OLMIS-3108: Changed to use

Bump back to 5.0.4-SNAPSHOT

This reverts commit d736bf704a332ec61d996a57f4580405e883de18.

Releasing v5.0.4-RC3

Update auth-ui to v6.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Reverting to auth-ui v5.0.4-SNAPSHOT

Updated ui-layout to 5.0.3-SNAPSHOT

Bumping to reference-ui 5.0.4-SNAPSHOT

Updated to latest dev-ui

Bumped to 5.0.3-SNAPSHOT

Added stockmanagement-ui v1.0.0-BETA

Revert "Bumped to 5.0.3-SNAPSHOT"

This reverts commit 5c62ebd692207cf2b46230803b217ca4e7eeec40.

Revert "Updated to latest SNAPSHOT"

This reverts commit 6dd84621b4f47d8b6f537026225c377beeddd631.

Bumped to version 5.0.2-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-2503: Removed docs and put into dev-ui

Added documentation

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Revert "Updated to 4.0.1-SNAPSHOT"

This reverts commit 052f0610387d4a40280ff627e58e1a61bdbd6b87.

Updated to 4.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Releasing 4.0.0

OLMIS-1025: Added fulfillment docker volumes

OLMIS-1025: Added dockerized dependencies

Revert "OLMIS-1025: Added total reference-ui dependencies"

This reverts commit bdeef85197552d063c0b59e844569d7888e4b99c.

OLMIS-1025: Added total reference-ui dependencies

Changing to latest dev-ui

Added stockmanagement-ui to reference-ui

OLMIS-1920: Changed published image name to openlmis/reference-ui

Removed because it is not used

OLMIS-1920: Added ports to reference-ui

OLMIS-1920: Changed build process to use /openlmis-requisition-ui