klaudia pałkowska <> in openlmis-ref-distro

OLMIS-4531: Updated version of openlmis-nginx to 5

OLMIS-5989: Updated info about building documentation

Revert "OLMIS-5989: Build RTD check"

This reverts commit 554b3ca6314b1844c4d8fc0d6f8165274a6010fc.

OLMIS-5989: Build RTD check

Revert "OLMIS-5989: Build RTD check"

This reverts commit 25fe80dc28a6302fb9fa3067a8027e3dde187335.

OLMIS-5989: Build RTD check

OLMIS-6021: Fixed typos and added link to ObjReferenceExpander class

OLMIS-6021: Updated section header

OLMIS-6021: Updated performance tips with the recently acquired knowledge

OLMIS-3773: Bumped referencedata version to 13.0.0-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-5467: Added executing and and dependency on db

Revert "OLMIS-5467: Added script for waiting for Postgres and dependency on db"

This reverts commit e6f6344068716ed34e85d7fc1236c73046b37db7.

OLMIS-5467: Added script for waiting for Postgres and dependency on db

OLMIS-5467: Added script to wait for postgres

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Updated documentation markup to fix it on read the docs

Changed table markup

Fixed table markup

OLMIS-5388: Updated prioritizing bugs section to include ticket exemplars

OLMIS-5552: Added info about quality responsibilities

Updated contribution guide to include info about reverting changes

OLMIS-4941: Added information about MMMM in date/datepicker formats

OLMIS-4941: Updated datepicker format description in sample-settings.env file

OLMIS-4941: Added more information in datepicker format description

OLMIS-4941: Added description for datepicker format in settings-sample.env file

OLMIS-4941: Added default datepicker format to sample configuration

OLMIS-4941: Added currency, number and datetime settings to sample configuration

OLMIS-4801: Added information about keeping release builds forever

OLMIS-4798: Added information about number of developers on the same short-lived branch

OLMIS-4798: Updated info about pull requests to be more clear

OLMIS-4798: Fixed typos and removed bold