brandon bowersox-johnson <> in openlmis-ref-distro

OLMIS-3654: Fix link in docs

OLMIS-3654: Fix links and organize UI docs

OLMIS-3654: Linking and organizing UI documentation

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Updated regarding start-up

OLMIS-3020: Add nginx to release notes 3.2.0

OLMIS-3020: Draft release notes fixes to formatting and postgres component.

OLMIS-3020: Draft of 3.2.0 release notes; needs review and some sections are TBD.

OLMIS-3020: WIP drafting release notes

OLMIS-2886: Typo fix on Service Health

OLMIS-2813: Typo fixes in Performance Tips doc


Revert "Releasing 3.0.2"

This reverts commit b56bf6c218f7e55509dc9dd45576117553ac0c20.

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OLMIS-1997: Further corrections from review feedback.

OLMIS-1997: Revisions to clarify content based on review feedback in Fisheye.

OLMIS-1997: Added documentation about component semantic versioning and more.

OLMIS-1997: Formatting fixes

OLMIS-1997: Relocated content here from wiki as-is.

Moved two wiki pages into Markdown/ReadTheDocs to prep for edits.

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Change formatting from a table to a list

The table formatting appeared to be valid RST, but the table was not appearing in ReadTheDocs or in GitHub. Further, I cannot find any table format that will appear in both tools. So I converted this content into a list so it is visible.

Testing markdown syntax direct into github online

Re-fix broken table formatting to github markdown

Convert broken table formatting to github markdown

Upgrade to 3.1.2-SNAPSHOT of openlmis-requisition component.

Use openlmis-requisition stable release 3.1.0 in preparation for releasing ref-distro 3.0.1.

Upgrade to 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT of openlmis-requisition. There is no 3.0.1 release of Requisition.

For 3.0.0 release pull in v3.0.0-tagged READMEs

OLMIS-1612: Linked Contribution Guide into docs/

OLMIS-1612: Added a link for Contributing Documentation

OLMIS-1612: Fixed links from review feedback

OLMIS-1612: Added Transifex wiki doc link

OLMIS-1612: Initial version of v3 Contrib Guide