nikodem graczewski <> in openlmis-notification

OLMIS-6258: Added PendingNotificationDataBuilder

OLMIS-6178: Made tag optional in the ChannelFilter

OLMIS-6178: Fixed name class in xlogger

OLMIS-6178: Added logging to ChannelFilter

OLMIS-6178: Made cronExpression optional for non-digest subscription

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OLMIS-6178: Added filtering by user preferred channel

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Added demo data for perf users

OLMIS-5099: Removed redundant @Param annotations

OLMIS-5099: Added more db entries in the EmailVerificationTokenRepositoryTest

OLMIS-5099: Fixed a bug with allowing the update with duplicated email address

OLMIS-4904: Added important flag to the Message model

OLMIS-4903: Fixed message for 404 UserContactDetails

OLMIS-4903: Added missing authentication converter

OLMIS-4903: Changed callSuper to true on BaseParameterizedTypeReference class

OLMIS-4903: Added missing messages

OLMIS-4903: Removed params field from the LocalizedMessage class

OLMIS-4903: Removed extra import (auto-import was slow)

OLMIS-4903: Made BaseDto abstract

OLMIS-4903: Moved classes related with the user contact details controller intro separate package

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OLMIS-4903: Fixed sonar issues

OLMIS-4903: Extracted email and email verified into EmailDetails value object

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OLMIS-4902: Removed unused methods from BaseCommunicationService

OLMIS-4902: Added unit tests for RightDto class

OLMIS-4902: Removed some extra code

OLMIS-4903: Added equals to the BaseParameterizedTypeReference

OLMIS-4903: Added unit tests for DynamicPageTypeReference class

OLMIS-4903: Fixed sonar issues

OLMIS-4903: Added test for updating user contact details

OLMIS-4903: Added integration test for adding user contact details with duplicated email

OLMIS-4903: Removed starter from the flyway locations