łukasz lewczyński <> in openlmis-notification

OLMIS-5622: Added chaz user

OLMIS-5158: handle null value for important flag

OLMIS-5158: important messages ignore emailVerified flag

OLMIS-5099: moved email duplication check to private method

OLMIS-5099: added missing IT

OLMIS-5099: added another email verification check to dto validator

It was possible to update a user's contact details with an existing email

address because the validator only checks if there is a related entry in

the verification token table but before the contact details are saved to

a database we changed the email details to old one. Because of that, the

admin user was able to update contact details with existing email address

but when a user tried to verify his email address, he got the error

message about email duplication.

OLMIS-4876: Added stage for building demo data image

OLMIS-5040: Added user contact details for vnurse2

OLMIS-4835: Fixed problem with NPE for UserContactDetails.emailDetails field

OLMIS-4835: Fixed NPE in user contact details exporter

OLMIS-4835: Handle blank email address as null value

OLMIS-4835: Adjusted unit tests to verify flags of new contact details

OLMIS-4835: changed the way how flags in user contact details are set

OLMIS-5069: added missing docker compose file

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OLMIS-5069: Added ERD stage to Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4835: If email has been verified, the allowNotify is set to true

OLMIS-4984: validator should not reject request if email is not set

OLMIS-4986: Refactored UserContactDetailsRepositoryImpl

OLMIS-4986: Changed set type to collection in repository method

OLMIS-4986: Add method to retrieve a set of UUID to SearchParams class

OLMIS-4984: Fixed problem with saving contact details without email

OLMIS-4986: Stop using web search params in custom repository

OLMIS-4986: Added ability to retrieve several contact details by user ids

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OLMIS-4986: Modified validation check in UserContactDetailsSearchParams

OLMIS-4986: Used spring jpa property expression instead of JPQL

OLMIS-4986: add ability to find contact details but some part of email

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OLMIS-4986: Removed duplication in page definition

OLMIS-4986: Changed value type in queryParams to String

OLMIS-4986: Added user contact details search endpoint

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OLMIS-4987: Enhanced User Contact Details Update endpoint