łukasz lewczyński <> in openlmis-notification

OLMIS-5971: fixed broken test

OLMIS-5971: Update test for NotificationTransformer (FEOLMIS-3638)

OLMIS-5971: Updated log level and message (FEOLMIS-3638)

OLMIS-6017: Added ability to subscribe to get digest notifications

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OLMIS-6016: Added missing tests

OLMIS-6016: Update changelog

OLMIS-6016: Added DigestConfiguration entity

OLMIS-5971: fixed sonar issue

OLMIS-5971: fixed incorrect assertion

OLMIS-5971: fixed compile error

OLMIS-5971: fixed broken test

OLMIS-5971: removed unused imports

OLMIS-5971: Added constraint values

OLMIS-5971: Added loggers and improve tests

OLMIS-5971: Use JpaExecutor to retrieve pending notification

OLMIS-5971: Added more tests to resolve sonar issues

OLMIS-5971: Added cce contract tests to build process

Those tests check if a user gets a notification.

OLMIS-5971: Added missing tests

OLMIS-5971: Modified PendingNotification structure

Single entry means that a notification should be sent by the given channel

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OLMIS-5971: Used PendingNotification entity to find notifications to send

OLMIS-5971: Update gitignore

OLMIS-5971: Update demo data

OLMIS-5971: Introduced Spring Integration to handle notifications sending

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OLMIS-4596: Shrinked demo data

OLMIS-5859: Added query params to GET /notifications endpoint

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OLMIS-5790: modified error message about not active user

OLMIS-5622: Added chaz user

OLMIS-5158: handle null value for important flag

OLMIS-5158: important messages ignore emailVerified flag

OLMIS-5099: moved email duplication check to private method