łukasz lewczyński <> in openlmis-notification

OLMIS-6313: Keep only 3 last builds for release branches

OLMIS-6313: Adjusted buildDiscarder properties for dev

Bumped version to 4.1.1-SNAPSHOT

Release 4.1.0

Revert "Released notification v4.1.0-RC1"

This reverts commit 8cba1cb91e7476e9f57023590a0d9b3e5399c221.

Released notification v4.1.0-RC1

OLMIS-6198: Added ability to localize consolidated notifications

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    • +19
OLMIS-6137: Added validation for cron expression

OLMIS-6085: Fixed issue with rendering new line in digest notifications

OLMIS-6029: Renamed classes in IT

OLMIS-6029: fixed broken unit test

OLMIS-6029: Update demo data

OLMIS-6029: Fixed issues related to digest notifications

OLMIS-6029: Fixed NPE in PostponeMessageRetriever

OLMIS-6018: Update requisition migrations (FEOLMIS-3658)

OLMIS-6018: Added demo data for digest subscriptions

OLMIS-6018: Added requisition digest configurations

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    • +9
OLMIS-6029: Changed logger level from warn to info (FEOLMIS-3649)

OLMIS-5971: Set important flag as non required in filters

OLMIS-6017: Renamed time field in DigestSubscriptionDto

OLMIS-6017: Use ObjectReferenceDto in DigestSubscriptionDto

OLMIS-6017: Introduced ObjectReferenceDto

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    • +16
OLMIS-6017: Introduced endpoint to retrieve digest configurations

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    • +42
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OLMIS-6017: Renamed time field in DigestSubscription

OLMIS-6029: Update changelog

OLMIS-6029: Added DigestNotificationCreator

OLMIS-6029: Added DigestionService

OLMIS-6029: Added PostponeMessage retriever

OLMIS-6029: Added PostponeMessage entity

OLMIS-5971: Fixed issue with incorrect subject/body for verification email