łukasz lewczyński <> in openlmis-hapifhir

Revert "OLMIS-5777: Release RC1"

This reverts commit 11cd0f7c5e2d32140431b0b390eb0c0fb80879cd.

OLMIS-5777: Release RC1

OLMIS-5447: added check if transaction is rollback only

OLMIS-5415: added missing tests

OLMIS-5415: removed misleading private method

OLMIS-5415: added javadoc to ExternalApiException

OLMIS-5415: commit and rollback only if transaction is not completed

OLMIS-5415: fixed typo

OLMIS-5415: Fixed problem with incorrect error format

OLMIS-5415: Added validations to avoid 4XX and 5XX errors

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OLMIS-5415: olmis resource creator listens create and update events

Revert "OLMIS-5415: Changed moment when olmis resource creator is executed"

This reverts commit 1d11fd3e7a14c1f7e44f3d0eb2858cb413882e1f.

OLMIS-5415: Changed moment when olmis resource creator is executed

OLMIS-5415: Fixed problem with service version endpoint

OLMIS-5415: ignore request if it is from other service

OLMIS-5415: renamed private method and combine two checks into one if

OLMIS-5415: Fixed problem with endless loop of requests between services

OLMIS-5415: Fixed problem with missing entity manager

OLMIS-5415: Set id for new resources

OLMIS-5415: Syncing data with OpenLMIS reference data

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OLMIS-5415: Enabled hapi fhir contract tests

OLMIS-5415: Added classes required to get facilities and geo zones

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OLMIS-5385: fixed sonar issues

OLMIS-5385: renamed method

OLMIS-5385: fixed compilation error

OLMIS-5385: Made error messages translatable

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OLMIS-5385: Fixed some sonar issues

OLMIS-5385: Renamed initial migration

OLMIS-5385: Removed unnecessary files

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OLMIS-5385: Added missing links to docker sonar entry