mateusz kwiatkowski <> in openlmis-fulfillment-ui

OLMIS-5387: added trim for getting current branch in Jenkinsfile

Revert "OLMIS-5387: temporarily broke the build"

This reverts commit f67f1120e5e1afa900761ae90140c97651db8883.

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OLMIS-5387: temporarily broke the build

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OLMIS-5387: fixed getting current branch in Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-5387: disabled slack notifications for dev branches

OLMIS-4739: added jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4722: change primary button from Print to Manage on POD list screen

bumped referencedata-ui version to 5.4.0-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-4435: fixed reason select on POD view page

OLMIS-4435: filter hidden reasons on POD screen

updated stock management ui version

OLMIS-4515: removed duplicated files that were moved to ui-components

OLMIS-4326: added changelog

OLMIS-4326: fix jsdoc in pod view controller

OLMIS-4326: restored and refactored tests for pod view screen

OLMIS-4326: added grouping pod line items by commodity types

OLMIS-4137: changed endpoint for getting user programs

OLMIS-4137: removed shipment view right from POD screens

OLMIS-4137: added shipment rights to POD screens

renamed Confirm button to View

OLMIS-4326: fixed missing conditional in tabel cell

OLMIS-4326: fixed missing pod line items

OLMIS-4137: added default previous state to pod confirm

OLMIS-4137: added requesting facility column on manage POD screen

OLMIS-4137: added going to previous state after POD confirm

OLMIS-4137: moved checking if pod is editable to routes

OLMIS-4137: removed trailing coma

OLMIS-4137: added changelog

OLMIS-4137: added checking POD MANAGE right on view screen

OLMIS-4137: added tests for pod manage routes

OLMIS-4137: refactored manage POD screen

added supplying facility dropdown

changed rights reqquired to enter this page