jakub kondrat <> in openlmis-example

OLMIS-1107: Service comunication: allow SSL protocol

Using BASE_URL instead of hardcoded protocols.

OLMIS-1504: Modify Dockerfile to use openlmis-service-base image

OLMIS-969 Add openlmis-service-util as a dependency

OLMIS-1283 Remove X-Headers from RAML

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OLMIS-1283 Add api definitions for existing endpoints, fix /docs/ 404 with blue

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OLMIS-1283 Fix extensions not loading

OLMIS-1283 Possibility to add example service to openlmis-blue

So that we can demonstrate how extension points work with blue

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OLMIS-1283 Load extensions (and from the named volume

OLMIS-1279 Fix archive signing configuration

There was an error when signing archives:

Unable to generate signature for '/app/build/poms/pom-default.xml' as no signatory is available to sign

OLMIS-1279 Remove jar{} section and set project properties instead

So its easier to copy this pattern to other services. Also refactored duplicate Version endpoint.

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OLMIS-1279 Fix extensions not loading properly

The extension jars were not loading due to a typo in docker-compose.yml

OLMIS-1279 Make Dockerfile find the jar name itself, move project name and description to gradle properties

Previously the jar name was hardcoded in Dockerfile which would force us to change it every time we bump the version

OLMIS-1279 Change jar name in Dockerfile

OLMIS-1279 Change version to 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-1279 Remove example url

OLMIS-1279 Skip signing archives unless signing.keyId and password are specified

We will only publish archives on jenkins so it's pointless for devs to sign archives

OLMIS-1279 Run uploadArchives at end of the build

If OSSRH credentials are defined, publish jars at end of the buid

OLMIS-1279 Fix Dockerfile trying to copy multiple jars into one file

Build image failed since there is more than one jar in build/libs

OLMIS-1279 Define signing and ossrh credentials via env variables

OLMIS-1279 Extension: Publish Example Service to Maven

Gradle task that generates and publishes the correct JAR to the Maven Central Repository using the versioning information (group, artifact, version)

OLMIS-1138 Minor fixes

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Fixing build

OLMIS-1138 Remove Swagger sources from OpenLMIS repos

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Checkstyle fixes

OLMIS-546 Adding authorization server

OLMIS-546 Example resource server

OLMIS-546 Adding authorization server

Adding posibility to logout

OLMIS-667 Add Spring Security to Service Example

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Fixing majority of checkstyle warnings

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