pfcui <> in openlmis-contract-tests

[stock management] use flyway to init data

[api change] api changed, add support for pagination

[stock events] api changed, move date and reason into line items

get stock cards summaries api changed to support pagination

typo: add comma in json

removed POST physical inventory api, change contract tests as well

fix typo: comma in json

fix typo: missed double quotes in json

[OLMIS-2205] stock events api changed, change json sent in cucumber accordingly

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

issue/receive blocked for now, change contract tests accordingly.

validation error message changed

OLMIS-1987 remove test case of soh should not be below zero

OLMIS-1949 noticed date is not a part of the required input, it's generated by the server side now.

enable json output for cucumber

remove events and cards tests for now, the internal behavior is changing, will add them back when internal behavior is deterministic

change stock event creation json data to make more sense

change the way how auth inits its data by following what is done is blue

OLMIS-1759 update stock management version to 1.0.0-BETA-SNAPSHOT

give ref data more ram

load ref-data service's data so that authorization could pass

OLMIS-852 I think it's omitting the green/red ball icon of jenkins and omitting which file is changed in the commit

OLMIS-852 it did not look that much shorter, try again

OLMIS-852 does this make comments look shorter?

OLMIS-852 try to make jenkins fail, and see if gets to jira

OLMIS-852 try to make jenkins fail, and see if gets to jira

OLMIS-852 trying to trigger jenkins to test jira

OLMIS-852 add text

OLMIS-852 remove text