klaudia pałkowska <> in openlmis-contract-tests

OLMIS-6005: Changed referencedata version to STAGING

OLMIS-6005: Re-added all steps

OLMIS-6005: Removed parts with approving requisition

OLMIS-6005: Removed parts with converting to order

Revert "OLMIS-6005: Removed all tests except one"

This reverts commit 4ecf335730e4e62a6ad828d5a4ec97a4dded254e.

OLMIS-6005: Removed all tests except one

OLMIS-6005: Added next test

OLMIS-6005: Added next tests

OLMIS-6005: Added first two tests

OLMIS-6005: Temporarily removed tests

OLMIS-6005: Temporarily removed the last two tests

OLMIS-6005: Removed tests and re-added another one

OLMIS-6005: Removed the test to investigate the issue

OLMIS-6005: Removed some tests

OLMIS-6005: Re-added one of the removed tests

OLMIS-6005: Merge

OLMIS-6005: Reverted removing first two tests and removed next two

OLMIS-6005: Removed first two tests

OLMIS-3773: Bumped referencedata version to 13.0.0-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-5467: Updated dev version

OLMIS-5550: Updated tests for FTAPs to follow the same convention as functional tests

OLMIS-5146: Added size equals to 1 to the request for FTAPS to avoid OutOfMemory issue

OLMIS-5146: Removed duplicates from contract tests

This reverts commit d5299f5a6c00d8a32609cfc7143e8e4c159822ef.

Revert "Revert "OLMIS-5146: Removed duplicates from contract tests""

This reverts commit 39d063cde3fa425f722d9f15333e979a9b990f21.

Revert "OLMIS-5146: Removed duplicates from contract tests"

This reverts commit 945979990a834c1366e2ba7fda4b667b4e2deed0.

OLMIS-5146: Removed duplicates from contract tests

OLMIS-5242: Updated test after setting supervisory node to null after rejection

OLMIS-5002: Added email notifications after failures

OLMIS-4866: Fixed quanitties after changing demo data

OLMIS-1803: Removed output file