łukasz lewczyński <> in openlmis-contract-tests

OLMIS-5685: make sure that requests have correct headers

OLMIS-5685: added pause step after creating resource

OLMIS-5685: modified subscription tests

OLMIS-5685: added cache control header to retrieve location request

OLMIS-5685: added loggers for fhir packages

OLMIS-5685: Fixed typo

OLMIS-5685: Added loggers for apache http

OLMIS-5685: Added header check

OLMIS-5685: Fixed issue with wiremock url path matching

OLMIS-5685: Update libraries

OLMIS-5685: Increased pause time

OLMIS-5685: Improved code related to FHIR subscription tests

OLMIS-5685: Removed unused code

OLMIS-4596: Back to original 60 seconds wait time for cce tests

OLMIS-4624: increased wait time to 15 minutes for cce

OLMIS-4624: added commands to wait until DB will be available

OLMIS-4624: added one extra minute to wait time for cce

OLMIS-4624: changed info message about extra wait time

OLMIS-4596: fixed incorrect userId value in when step

OLMIS-5859: display info about how much demo data has been loaded

OLMIS-5859: added one extra minute to wait time for cce

OLMIS-5859: double wait time for cce tests

OLMIS-5859: increased memory limit for cce

OLMIS-5859: increased wait time to 5 min for cce tests

OLMIS-5859: made waitTime configurable

OLMIS-5859: double wait time before executing tests

OLMIS-5859: added status code check

OLMIS-5859: removed sout statement

OLMIS-5859: Enable notification steps in CCE tests

OLMIS-5859: Update notification version