łukasz lewczyński <> in openlmis-contract-tests

OLMIS-5301: Update convert to order steps

OLMIS-3341: Updated contract test

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    • +31
OLMIS-3341: Updated reference data service version

OLMIS-4930: changed expected requisition status

OLMIS-4930: adjusted test data

OLMIS-4930: decreased wait time

Revert "OLMIS-4930: recreate current period"

This reverts commit d0de93b28b3c77139eb04cd85486511e20fcb11b.

OLMIS-4930: recreate current period

OLMIS-4930: fixed typo

OLMIS-4930: increased mem_limit for referencedata

OLMIS-4930: change prepare database strategy for requisition tests

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    • +30
OLMIS-4930: increased wait time for right assignment regeneration

OLMIS-4930: changed the gradle waitFor method

OLMIS-4930: remove dump before test

OLMIS-4930: fixed broken test

OLMIS-4930: updated test data

OLMIS-4930: adjusted test data

OLMIS-4930: clean up code

OLMIS-4930: moved @PrepareDatabase to the first test

OLMIS-4930: fixed broken tests

OLMIS-4930: adjusted some requisition tests to use demo data

OLMIS-4930: restored mem_limit settings

OLMIS-4930: fixed syntax error

OLMIS-4930: not allow to execute tests on master node

OLMIS-4930: decreased number of resting database to initial state

OLMIS-4930: merge some emergency requisition tests

OLMIS-4930: added fixed post command

OLMIS-4930: merge several req template column change requests into one

OLMIS-4930: fixed issue with updating req template

Revert "OLMIS-4930: removed mem limits"

This reverts commit cae0a667a9b8022d12c63b6f58599d88b5207340.