klaudia pałkowska <> in openlmis-cce

OLMIS-5467: Updated service-base version to 3

OLMIS-5467: Updated service-base version to 2

OLMIS-5467: Updated dev version

OLMIS-4942: Fixed changelog

OLMIS-4942: Added currency, number and date settings to application properties

OLMIS-4928: Made keeping build forever secure

Changed version to SNAPSHOT

Released cce RC2

OLMIS-5002: Removed duplications

OLMIS-5002: Added email notifications after failures

OLMIS-4057: Added serial number, type and model values to the error message

OLMIS-4057: Fixed error code and message when adding a inventory item with the same equipment tracking id, type and model

OLMIS-4805: Updated build.gradle and Jenkinsfile to enable branch analysis

OLMIS-4801: Updated Jenkinsfile to set keepLog flag as true when releasing

OLMIS-3334: Updated demo data - CCE only makes sense for vaccines/EPI

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OLMIS-3334: Fixed demo data

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OLMIS-3334: Added new inventory items to demo data

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OLMIS-753: Configure PMD ruleset


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