jakub kondrat <> in openlmis-cce

OLMIS-4963: Add a Jenkinsfile

Fix ERD generation for branches with a dot in their name

OLMIS-4946: Push docker images right after build stage on master

Hardcode project name

Shorter compose project name, fix ERD stage

OLMIS-4795: Prevent pushing to Transifex in branches other than master

OLMIS-4625: Use contract-tests-pipeline to run contract tests

OLMIS-4647: Add Jenkinsfile

MW-412: CORS support

OLMIS-1504: Modify Dockerfile to use openlmis-service-base image

OLMIS-969 Add openlmis-service-util as a dependency

OLMIS-1326 Fix wrong baseUrl in api-definition

The 'try it out' option was not working properly

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OLMIS-1326 Remove unused task, change version endpoint description

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OLMIS-1326 Add RAML & Swagger setup to the template service

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OLMIS-1184 Template Service needs strict checkstyle

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Removing fixed container name of nginx-proxy in order to prevent conflicts

OLMIS-761 Reverse proxy server deployment (nginx)

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Fixing empty catch block warning in WireMockTest

Adding instructions on WireMock usage

OLMIS-663 Adding gradle task for integration tests

updating README

OLMIS-591: Adding WireMock test example

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