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OLMIS-5634 Change tableau demo data client authorized grant type

From implicit to authorization code. It's more secure than implicit

Add IntelliJ IDEA config

Remove unused flyway location

Add back demo data info about user's passwords to README

This was removed from demo-data's README, but should have been moved.

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OLMIS-4870 Move auth to new demo data strategy

* Move to docker-dev v4 (for pg_dump exporting schema)

* Move away from JSON inserts to TestDataInitializer and CSVs

* Export schema and data to image

* Update README

* No more demoDataSeed gradle task, remove demo-data folder

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Revert "OLMIS-4257 Remove NOT NULL constraint"

This reverts commit f3497b25c1f3657145a7afaae85df8343a6b89d5.

OLMIS-4257 Remove NOT NULL constraint

This is temporary to unblock work on setting up an instance (OLMIS-4379).

OLMIS-3463 Add ERD generate script for service

Each service should be in charge of its own ERD generation. Remove the external port number, as it’s not necessary anymore and it could conflict with other services’ ERD generation jobs.

Revert "OLMIS-3463 Remove ERD generation docker compose file"

This reverts commit efde2e2eba0306010bc04c268bd6bdd6e8aeeeba.

OLMIS-3463 Remove ERD generation docker compose file

A generic version of this file has been added to the Ref Distro, so this one is not needed anymore.

Revert "OLMIS-3463 Add consul dependency to auth ERD generation"

This reverts commit 2ef3e84b88b309a4814d7b5fd422bc2536913e9c.

OLMIS-3463 Add consul dependency to auth ERD generation

Seems that auth needs consul in order to start up properly.

Move back to snapshot

OLMIS-3457 Release RC1 of Auth 3.1.1

OLMIS-3200 Add documentation for vaccine demo data

OLMIS-3200 Remove ccemanager user from auth

No longer necessary, since DIVO does the same thing.

OLMIS-3200 Add new vaccine users to auth

Change role assignment DTO to match reference data

Need to match what reference data returns when getting a user.

OLMIS-3116 Change user home facility from Facility DTO to UUID

To reflect change in reference data.

Change auth JSON serialization to be prettified

To match other services.

Moving service to snapshot of next release

For future development work.

Add clean to sonar task

Since sonar does a partial build, we should do a clean beforehand.

Update service version from snapshot to 3.0.0

For 3.0.0 release.

OLMIS-1930 Changed forgot password email template

Change template format to be a bit more readable. Could not include first and last name because auth does not have that info stored in User. Either adding those fields into auth or calling reference data for it would require more LoE than we have time for this sprint/3.0 release.

OLMIS-1933 Change infrastructure/dev images from latest to 1

Moving away from latest to versioned image.

OLMIS-1933 Change postgres image from latest to 9.4

Moving away from latest to versioned image.

OLMIS-1741 Rename blue to ref distro

Blue is being deprecated in favor of ref distro.

OLMIS-890 Add validity time to configuration guide

Add entry about how an implementer can configure the validity time.

OLMIS-890 Change application setting to use TOKEN_DURATION

Use TOKEN_DURATION if it's set, or 1800 (30 minutes) as default.

OLMIS-1783 Enable Transifex sync to build process

Make run builder task run sync Transifex script, which pushes English message file and pulls translated message files. You need a Transifex username and password in your .env file in order for this to work.