łukasz lewczyński <> in openlmis-auth

OLMIS-5501: Changed usernames

OLMIS-5668: Added changelog entry

OLMIS-5668: Updated service version

OLMIS-5668: Added endpoint to get user by id

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OLMIS-5622: Added chaz user

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OLMIS-4876: Added stage for building demo data image

OLMIS-5062: Fixed broken migration

OLMIS-4986: moved private methods back to user service

OLMIS-4986: added missing unit tests

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OLMIS-4986: added missing test

OLMIS-4986: Fixed problem with saving auth user

OLMIS-4986: Changed the user resource structure

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OLMIS-4907: removed unnecessary entry in security configuration

OLMIS-4904: Adjusted notification dto

OLMIS-4907: removed unused error handler

OLMIS-4907: moved verification feature to notification service

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OLMIS-4833: Adjusted error message for email duplication

OLMIS-4833: Notification should be send only if needed on user update

OLMIS-4833: Return success message when email has been verified

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OLMIS-4833: Fixed problem with sending verification on new email address

OLMIS-4833: Move handling blank value to importer

OLMIS-4833: Fixed issue with setting empty email address

OLMIS-4833: Handle blank value in email address field as null value

OLMIS-4896: added more readable methods

OLMIS-4896: Inline private method

OLMIS-4896: Renamed variables

OLMIS-4833: Merge migrations

OLMIS-4833: Moved email validation to the auth service

OLMIS-4896: fixed compile error

OLMIS-4896: Renamed validator

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