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Bumped version to 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT

9.0.0-RC1 release

OLMIS-5837: Replaced PhantomJS launcher with headless Chrome

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Bumped version to 8.1.0-SNAPSHOT

8.1.0-RC1 release

Revert "Updated .eslintrc file"

This reverts commit 30c14082709e993dbc5404031777f35b9c971c25.

Updated .eslintrc file

OLMIS-3969: Updated

Updated version to 8.1.0-SNAPSHOT

8.0.1 release

8.0.1 release

OLMIS-3696: Removed postinstall from the package.json

OLMIS-3696: Removed --no-optional flag from the sonar script

OLMIS-3696: Remove --no-optional from the build script

OLMIS-3696: Added dependency locking for npm and yarn

OLMIS-3696: Added dependency locking

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OLMIS-5389: Set up custom jasmine rules for ESLint

OLMIS-4388: Enabled ESLint for specs

OLMIS-4833: Restored old order of build tasks

OLMIS-4388: Enabled ESLint

OLMIS-4833: Set up custom ESlint rule set to match our SonarQube configuration

OLMIS-5235: Updated order for loading pouchdb.js and pouchdb.find.js files

Changed version to 8.0.1-SNAPSHOT

8.0.0 release

Changed version to 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT

8.0.0-RC2 release

Extended eslint task with the ability to override .eslintrc file

Removed oboslete require

Added eslint task (disabled by default, set noLint option to false to launch it or user "grunt eslint" task directly)