mateusz kwiatkowski <> in dev-ui

Bumped dev-ui version to 8.1.1-SNAPSHOT

Released dev-ui version 8.1.0

OLMIS-5387: added trim for getting current branch in Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-5387: disabled slack notifications for dev branches

changed dev-ui version in package-lock.json

changed dev-ui version in package.json file

OLMIS-3195: excluded spec files from sonar analysis

OLMIS-3915: removed unnecessary declaration of variables in sonar task

OLMIS-3195: added changelog

OLMIS-3195: added missing properties task config

OLMIS-3195: added reading properties from file to sonar config

OLMIS-3195: added version properties file

OLMIS-3159: added sonar task

added missing semicolon

OLMIS-1885: removed bootstrap fonts

OLMIS-1957: removed angular-bootstrap library