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Released auth service version 4.1.1

OLMIS-6128: updated docker dev image to 5.2

Released Auth service version 4.1.0

OLMIS-5467: Updated service base version to 4

Revert "Released auth service version 4.1.0-RC2"

This reverts commit ddb9721bbe05086854c17e629888a345c946ddb8.

Released auth service version 4.1.0-RC2

OLMIS-5790: Improved handling 400 error from notification service

Instead of sending a general error message, the auth service should

present an error message from the notification service if the

notification service returns a response with 400 (BAD REQUEST)

status code.

OLMIS-5467: Updated service-base version to 3 in Dockerfile

Revert "OLMIS-5777: Release RC1"

This reverts commit ebface153eaf3a61bdaa43d214e187b13c172823.

OLMIS-5777: Release RC1

OLMIS-5467: Updated service-base version to 2

OLMIS-5467: Updated dev version

OLMIS-5501: Changed usernames

OLMIS-5668: Added changelog entry

OLMIS-5668: Updated service version

OLMIS-5668: Added endpoint to get user by id

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OLMIS-5668: Removed loginRestricted flag from the UserMainDetailsDto class

OLMIS-5649 Adding superset client to OpenLMIS

This will be used as the demo application. Also, reverting the change made by Chongsun on the tableau-wdc row to return it to implicit grant type.

OLMIS-5647 Updating API Documentation with token

The check_token endpoint requires the "token" URL parameter instead of the "access_token" URL parameter.

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OLMIS-5622: Added chaz user

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OLMIS-5634 Change tableau demo data client authorized grant type

From implicit to authorization code. It's more secure than implicit

Add IntelliJ IDEA config

OLMIS-5387: disabled success slack notifications for dev branches

OLMIS-5387: enabled slack notifications for release branches

Revert "OLMIS-5382: Register the new hapifhir service in Auth."

This reverts commit d0e4126. According to the following documentation, a custom registration of services is not required.

OLMIS-5382: Register the new hapifhir service in Auth.

OLMIS-5387: disabled slack notifications for branches

OLMIS-5396: fixed problem with creating docker network

OLMIS-4928: Made keeping build forever secure

OLMIS-4295: updated checkstyle to new google style

fixed LICENCE header

fixed import order

fixed minor code style issues

added missing periods in javadocs

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