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OLMIS-4963: Update links to static docs and ERD (v3.0.2)

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Releasing 3.0.2

* move from snapshot versions to stable versions: reference-ui:5.0.0, requisition:3.1.2, referencedata:5.0.1, auth:3.0.2, notification:3.0.1, fulfillment:3.0.2

* also set consul at a specific tag version

* update docs to link to tagged versions for release and remove live api links

* remove stock management service (not including it in 3.0.2)

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Update fulfillment version to 3.0.2-SNAPSHOT

add swagger instructions for logging into api

OLMIS-1997: Further corrections from review feedback.

OLMIS-1997: Revisions to clarify content based on review feedback in Fisheye.

OLMIS-1997: Added documentation about component semantic versioning and more.

OLMIS-1997: Formatting fixes

OLMIS-1997: Relocated content here from wiki as-is.

Moved two wiki pages into Markdown/ReadTheDocs to prep for edits.

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Change formatting from a table to a list

The table formatting appeared to be valid RST, but the table was not appearing in ReadTheDocs or in GitHub. Further, I cannot find any table format that will appear in both tools. So I converted this content into a list so it is visible.

Re-fix broken table formatting to github markdown

Convert broken table formatting to github markdown

OLMIS-1972: Bump Postgres to 9.6

OLMIS-2233: Add memory configuration to ref distro

Move to 3.0.2

* bump back to snapshot versions in docker compose

* move style guide links back to last successful build

* fix link

Reverting v3.0.1 changes

So that we may move on to next release.

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fixing reference ui doc name

Releasing 3.0.1

* bump requisition to 3.1.1 and remove SM

* update api links for release

* update collect docs for 3.0.1

* Update ERD links for release

For v3.0.1. Remove stock management.

* bump ref ui to 4.0.0

* remove auth erd live link

* remove fulfillment erd live link

* remove reference data erd live link

* remove requisition erd live link

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add UI module bullet point

Changed requisitionUI to referenceUI

Updated styleguide and documentation links for reference-ui 4.0.0

Updated like to reference-ui documentation

Upgrade to 3.1.2-SNAPSHOT of openlmis-requisition component.

move to referencedata 4.0.0

remove env backup

Move to release versions for auth, fulfillment and notification

Move to release versions for these three services, in preparation for releasing Ref Distro 3.0.1.

Use openlmis-requisition stable release 3.1.0 in preparation for releasing ref-distro 3.0.1.

Upgrade to 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT of openlmis-requisition. There is no 3.0.1 release of Requisition.

bumping reference data to 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Update reference distribution to use most recent reference UI

There is a new reference UI.