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released report version 1.1.1

changed version back to SNAPSHOT

released report 1.1.1-RC3

changed version back to SNAPSHOT

released report 1.1.1-RC2

changed version to SNAPSHOT

released report 1.1.1-RC1

OLMIS-5002: Removed duplications

OLMIS-5002: Added email notifications after failures

OLMIS-4800: removed '-' from COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME

OLMIS-4800: pulled scripts from Jenkinsfile to separate files

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OLMIS-4876: Removed demo data structure

OLMIS-4805: Updated build.gradle and Jenkinsfile to enable branch analysis

OLMIS-3289 : Fixed Null values in the Facility Assignment Report columns

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    • +2
Fix ERD generation for branches with a dot in their name

OLMIS-4946: Push docker images right after build stage on master


OLMIS-4459: Add migration to update Pick Pack List

OLMIS-4459: Add changelog entry

OLMIS-4459: Pick Pack List should not display values in a separate line when no lot defined

OLMIS-4815 fix Facility Assignment Configuration Errors report doesn't always update error

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OLMIS-4801: Updated Jenkinsfile to set keepLog flag as true when releasing

Hardcode project name

Shorter compose project name, fix ERD stage

OLMIS-4795: Prevent pushing to Transifex in branches other than master

OLMIS-4625: Use contract-tests-pipeline to run contract tests

OLMIS-2923: Fixed broken link


OLMIS-2923: Update demo data loading

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OLMIS-4649: Add Jenkinsfile