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Release 8.0.0

Updated total losses and adjustments to equal -2

OLMIS-6037: Added unstable build status for testing failures

Revert "OLMIS-6037: Standardize build statuses for all our Jenkins jobs"

This reverts commit d770ebf1a67fd7017ec9e11a08fb1699f4347b7d.

OLMIS-6037: Standardize build statuses for all our Jenkins jobs

Revert "Released requisition service 8.0.0-RC2"

This reverts commit 08db8e1ceec8dd2686aa02d3a28459e9fa966982.

Released requisition service 8.0.0-RC2

OLMIS-6090: Fixed checkstyle issues

OLMIS-6090: Fixed convert to order endpoint for facilities with multiple program handled by the same supplying facility

Revert "Released requisition service 8.0.0-RC1"

This reverts commit 30290b6118b7a2c8863075f811038969ab0822af.

Released requisition service 8.0.0-RC1

OLMIS-6199: Update Reason Categories to include Aggregation

OLMIS-6193: added changelog

OLMIS-6193: added passing locale to requisition status processor

this should fix problem with translating email notifications for status changes

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OLMIS-6193: added inheriting context to dispatcher servlet

Revert "removed async annotation from notifier"

This reverts commit f00b902fb615b994aeac32f287fd0b6a45efec0d.

removed async annotation from notifier

OLMIS-6178: Added messages for the SMS channel

fixed checkstyle in message service

removed locale resolver from application context

added temporary logging to mesage service

OLMIS-6118: changed performance requirement in requisitions for convert

OLMIS-6118: Comment requisitionBatchApproval

    • -200
    • +222
OLMIS-6128: changed docker dev image to 5.2

OLMIS-5907: Fixed sonar issue

OLMIS-5907: Fixed issue with copying stock adjustment reasons to partner requisitions

OLMIS-5907: Fixed issue with copying stock adjustments to partner line items

OLMIS-6118: Fix performance test for requisition workflow

    • -222
    • +200
OLMIS-6118: Uncomment and fix requisition bug on workflow on requisition perfomance test

    • -15
    • +20
OLMIS-6125: Fixed incorrect status changes