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Bumped requisition-ui version to 5.5.1-SNAPSHOT

Released requisition-ui version 5.5.0

Bumped version to 5.5.0-SNAPSHOT

5.5.0-RC2 release

Bumped version to 5.5.0-SNAPSHOT

5.5.0-RC1 release

OLMIS-5356: Removed select-products-modal module

The module has been moved to other repository.

OLMIS-5520: changed submit and authorize to button element from input

OLMIS-5578: Adjusted sort component position on batch approval screen

OLMIS-5354 Update referencedata-ui to 5.5.0-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-5509: Fixed filtering offline requisitions

* Added unit tests for requisitionSearch filter

* Fixed a bug introduced during eslint fixes

* Added undefined/null and false distinction when comparing emergency property

Fixed eslint issue

Restored old version of the should save requisition test

    • -42
    • +3
Added test for reducing requisition size when saving

    • -3
    • +91
OLMIS-4251: Updated invalid JSDoc

OLMIS-4251: Reworked unit tests for SelectProductsModalController to not define any describe-scope variables

OLMIS-4251: Reworked adding non full supply products to reuse selectProductsModal

    • -13
    • +27
OLMIS-4251: Reworked SelectProductsModal to work on products (orderables) rather than requisition line items

    • -3
    • +73
OLMIS-4251: Renamed add-full-supply-product-modal to select-products-modal

OLMIS-4251: Moved add-full-supply-product-modal to a separate package

Added null-check for modifiedDate

    • -1
    • +1
OLMIS-5502: Fixed the issue with Update outdated requisition button not showing when appropriate

    • -2
    • +18
OLMIS-3969: Updated

Updated docker-compose.yml

OLMIS-3696: Added .npmrc, npm-shrinkwrap.json, yarn.lock files and postinstall script

OLMIS-5387: removed unused semicolon

OLMIS-5387: cleaned Jenkinsfile and fixed the build

    • -44
    • +44
OLMIS-5387: added trim for getting branch name

OLMIS-5387: added some logging in Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-5387: added printing current branch

temporarily broke the build

    • -44
    • +44