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Adding settings.env to .gitignore so it's not accidentally committed

OLMIS-4951: add and init superset (#20)

* OLMIS-4951: add superset container to compose and version to env

* OLMIS-4951: add superset config file

* OLMIS-4951: create db, add superset init commands, add volume

* OLMIS-4951: create superset DB in db service

* OLMIS-4951: ignore pycache

* OLMIS-4951: add zookeeper dependency for kafka

* OLMIS-4951: add superset postgres creds to settings sample file

* OLMIS-4951: combine existing command with init commands, from ukanga

* OLMIS-4951: ignore pyc handle ignore pycache

* OLMIS-4951: move reporting settings to reporting env

* OLMIS-4951: move admin username and pass to env

* OLMIS-4951: set db superset env vars

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OLMIS-3316, Re-apply moving the env file from external repo to this one.

This is a revert of a revert essentially. The first revert necessary as it was commited to the branch during the release cycle of v3.2.1.

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Revert "OLMIS-3316: Merge branch 'alternative-env-approach'"

This reverts commit 9187e61aaa0b8189e27ba2e4a6617981e83462d9, reversing

changes made to 69482e59370655a508b561a7f8b2a124f8c8287d. We will re-apply

this change after the release of 3.2.1.

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OLMIS-3316, move openlmis/config/.env into this repo and place service versions in .env

The config/.env file has been move to be a settings-sample.env file which you're supposed to copy to settings.env and modify with your values. This file is still passed through to every service to help configure them. A new .env file is located in this repo and is meant to be the .env file of the docker-compose.yml. It is meant to hold information such as which version of the service should I run, or which host port should I map a specific service's port to. It is not passed through to each service. Seperating these environment/config files in this way creates a nice division between configuring the ref distro, and configuring the services the ref distro is going to run.

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Update .gitignore

For local environment configuration files.

OLMIS-673: Update link to styleguide

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OLMIS-673 Added doc on contributing documentation

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OLMIS-673: move readthedocs documentation to openlmis-blue

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OLMIS-795 Fix the reference distribution repository

Fix the repository so it starts up and runs the application properly. The virtual host is set to localhost as a default. Logback XML is added.

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removed gradle-focused .gitignore file

irrelevant for docker compose most likely.

Initial commit

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