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Merge pull request #1 from OpenLMIS/OLMIS-6621

OLMIS-6621: Recreate indexes

OLMIS-6621: Recreate indexes

OLMIS-6576: Added casting int to bigint

OLMIS-6576: Refactored migration to fix its performance

OLMIS-6576: Set default values and update rows only if necessary

OLMIS-6576: Updated migration to add indexes on orderableId and remove them at the end

Removing the quiet flag

Added log statement when migration is finished

OLMIS-6392 Added cross-service migration for orderable versioning in fulfillment service

OLMIS-6402: Renamed versionId to versionNumber

OLMIS-6414 Added cross-service migration for ftap versioning in requisition line items

OLMIS-6413: Created cross-service migration