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OLMIS-3615 added some missing tests to table-pane directive

OLMIS-6037: Added unstable build status for testing failures

OLMIS-6271: Refactored unit tests (part 2)

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OLMIS-6271: Refactored unit tests (part 2)

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Revert "OLMIS-6261: Refactored unit tests (part 1)"

This reverts commit a92390f79fb4dd1c1d8ca9e9823320ff03e014c7.

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Revert "OLMIS-6261: Commented out openlmisFileUpload directive tests"

This reverts commit 27bfe8833aa37cc406a8bddfe74af75d5971c3ad.

OLMIS-6261: Commented out openlmisFileUpload directive tests

OLMIS-6261: Refactored unit tests (part 1)

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OLMIS-5390: Renamed openlmis-pouchdb-wrapper.js to pouchdb-wrapper.js

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OLMIS-5390: Added JSDocs and test for PouchDBWrapper

OLMIS-5390: Rewrote LocalDatabase tests to be synchronous

OLMIS-5390: Moved wrapping of the PouchDB in AngularJS promises to a separate class

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OLMIS-5390: Increased wait time in LocalDatabase tests

Bumped version to 7.1.0-SNAPSHOT

7.1.0-RC1 release

OLMIS-6167: Updated the changelog

OLMIS-6167: Fixed issue with a weird popover showing after using enter on the select product modal

OLMIS-6020: Hour and Minute inputs of openlmisCronSelection directive will now accept only positive integer

OLMIS-4944 Improve testing setup for date filters

Based on code review feedback.

OLMIS-4944 Improve testing setup for period filter

Based on code review feedback.

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OLMIS-6020: Fixed linting issues

OLMIS-6020: Fixed ESlint issues and bug with cron expression being required when hidden

Move component to 7.1.0-SNAPSHOT

Since it has new functionality now.

OLMIS-4944 Make changes based on review feedback

* Move checking for defaults from filters to locale service.

* Remove extra promise logic in locale service.

* Add to changelog.

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    • +28
OLMIS-6020: Added the ability to leave loading modal open after resolving promise in FunctionDecorator

OLMIS-6020: Added support for ngDisabled and ngRequired to the openlmisCronSelection

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    • +16
OLMIS-4944 Switch currency filter to use locale service

Instead of currency service, which does not return settings from config, but hardcoded settings.

Remove node_modules folder after build

To try to cut down disk usage on build server.

OLMIS-4944 Refactor date and datetime filters to support timezones

* Add new localeService to get locale settings from reference data

* Refactor filters to allow specifying timezone

* If format or timezone not specified, will look for it in the locale settings

* If not found in locale settings, get default value in config (or UTC for timezone)

OLMIS-6020: Added openlmisCronSelection component