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OLMIS-4944 Refactor date and datetime filters to support timezones

* Add new localeService to get locale settings from reference data

* Refactor filters to allow specifying timezone

* If format or timezone not specified, will look for it in the locale settings

* If not found in locale settings, get default value in config (or UTC for timezone)

OLMIS-6020: Added openlmisCronSelection component

OLMIS-5390 Update tests to Jasmine 2

For better async support.

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OLMIS-6020: Extended the OpenlmisResource with the ability to pass custom parameters when calling create method.

OLMIS-6020: Removed ddescribe

OLMIS-6020: Added FunctionDecorator class

OLMIS-5837: Removed console.logs

OLMIS-5837: Bumped dev-ui to 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-5837: Removed pouchdb-find

OLMIS-5837: Extended PageDataBuilder

Revert "OLMIS-5837: Extended the OpenlmisArrayDecorator with a pushAll, mapTo, filterOutUndefined and asArray methods"

This reverts commit dd51b0a007e610cbfe0ecfbb33148bda181ee7de.

OLMIS-5837: Extended the OpenlmisArrayDecorator with a pushAll, mapTo, filterOutUndefined and asArray methods

OLMIS-3773: Updated changelog

OLMIS-3773: Added getUnique method to OpenlmisArrayDecorator

OLMIS-5655: Updated modalStateProvider to not require parentResolves property when it is empty

OLMIS-5655: Refactored unit test to not define any desribe-scoped variables

OLMIS-3987 added word break css property to modal headers

OLMIS-3987 added changelog

OLMIS-3987 fixed wrapping long text in modals

OLMIS-5822: Made the OpenlmisArrayDecorator.sortBy method return objects in alphabetical order ignoring casing

OLMIS-5822: Extended the OpenlmisArrayDecorator with a sortBy class

Revert "OLMIS-5840: Added handling for the event"

This reverts commit 16b1722e16d45a04ce9d8900043b25942e77ec57.

OLMIS-5840: Added handling for the event

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OLMIS-5815: Fixed some typos

Revert "OLMIS-5815: Fixed some typos"

This reverts commit 894c04b4e4fc1c1964317b8226156f80f0dac067.

OLMIS-5815: Fixed some typos

OLMIS-5815: Added sections about ObjectMapper and OpenlmisArrayDecorator

OLMIS-5815: Added section about classExtender, Resource, Repository and RepositoryImpl

Bumped ui-components version to 7.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Released ui-components version 7.0.0