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OLMIS-5680: Updated the sections concerning the testing workflow with a sprint and bugs

OLMIS-5680: Updated the Supported Devices, Screen Size, Responsibility and Communication, removed Bandwidth section

OLMIS-5680: Updated the Strategy for testing UI-specific elements section

OLMIS-5680: Updated the UI Testing section

OLMIS-5680: Updated the section on testing standards

OLMIS-5680: Moved and updated the Manual Tests section


OLMIS-5680: Updated the introductory section of the Testing Guide

OLMIS-5467: Updated dev version

OLMIS-5617: Move UI specific elements section

OLMIS-5617: Made UI testing section more clear

OLMIS-5617: Added strategy for testing UI specific elements to the Testing Strategy

OLMIS-5616: added info about covering contract between services with tests

OLMIS-5616: added description for what should be covered by which type of tests

Added test case tip on verifying notifications

Added recommendation to not ask for a specific message match in expected results for OpenLMIS notifications to test cases best practices.

OLMIS-5550: Updated example for naming convention in contract tests

OLMIS-5550: Added examples for proper naming in automated tests

OLMIS-5388: Updated documentation to avoid using table

OLMIS-5388: Updated table markup

OLMIS-5388: Updated markup for the last image

OLMIS-5388: Updated images links to use raw content

OLMIS-5388: Changed markup to link the image and added new line sign in the end of each row in the table

OLMIS-5550: Added scenario/feature naming pattern to documentation

OLMIS-5388: Fixed table markup

OLMIS-5388: Fixed table

OLMIS-5388: Changed images path to the link

OLMIS-5550: Added missed word to the docs

OLMIS-5388: Updated table to display properly

OLMIS-5388: Updated table to display properly

OLMIS-5550: Added missed word to the docs

OLMIS-5388: Fixed displaying table