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OLMIS-1605: Add audit log support

This commit introduces support for basic audit logging. In order to show this feature, it associates WidgetRepository with JaVers so that changes persisted to Widgets are logged. It also adds an endpoint at /api/widgets/{id}/auditLog to retrieve a list of these changes.

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Add domain and repository layers

Add a Widget domain and repository, along with a controller to expose them. This will lay the foundation for things like auditing and paging which we may wish to illustrate within this service.

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OLMIS-1560, reword a few things for clarity

OLMIS-1560, add note on immutable migration script

OLMIS-1560, add note on not wanting if checks

OLMIS-1560, change minor wording of db guidelines

Added Slack and Scalyr

Minor update to the styleguide

Tweak the pagination section.

OLMIS-1560 Update Flyway document

Update after discussion and incorporation of review comments.

OLMIS-1512, add pagination to styleguide

OLMIS-1560 Document high level guide on writing schema migrations

Also linked from style guide.

Update style guide: UUID columns should end in id

moved right naming convention to it's own section

OLMIS-1599: Port the Swagger fix from requisitions to template-service

OLMIS-1504: Modify Dockerfile to use openlmis-service-base image

Update style guide with guidelines for right names

Establish a standardized pattern for right names.

change i18n guidelines to ban hyphens

* change i18n guidelines to ban hyphens

and use camelCase out of dev forum discussion.

* add explict ban of hyphens and other puncutation

* add highlight of keys

From dev forum discussion:!topic/openlmis-dev/Z-e1J39QOm8

OLMIS-969 Add openlmis-service-util as a dependency

add highlight of keys

add explict ban of hyphens and other puncutation

change i18n guidelines to ban hyphens

and use camelCase out of dev forum discussion.

OLMIS-1599 - Port the Swagger fix from requisitions to other services

OLMIS-1069, add logging feedback from discussion

updated for logging as DEBUG and removed the future tense to translation string placeholders.

OLMIS-1069, change debug verbage for clarity

before it made it sound like ERROR /could/ be used. It shouldn't.

OLMIS-1069, add basic logging conventions

Filling in more of the logging conventions that came out of a discussion on error handling.

OLMIS-1069, add note on a future development mode

proposed in discussion on error handling, this mode would be useful for developers

remove future tense from message with placeholders

we have the ability as-is so no need to mark this as a future item.

OLMIS-1069, add note on logging

notes and todos

OLMIS-1069, update error handling doc to acknowledge Spring’s @ControllerAdvice

But really Bloch was right and this stuff isn’t Exceptional.