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OLMIS-1083 Update style guide from review comments

Make things clearer about package naming.

OLMIS-1083 Update the style guide with new guidelines

Regarding generated filed, package naming and exceptions.

add to new service checklist jenkins jobs

and reminders to update repo/image/readme descriptions

add initial doc draft on making a new service

writing down notes

OLMIS-1079, fix anchor link on docker section

OLMIS-1079, moving docker best practices from wiki

Update testing document with tooling

Add list of tools used in automated testing strategy.

Update testing document

Include a stacktrace for failing tests by default

Reflect contract tests in doc

remove empty line to test if i can push to this repo

Fix indentation and break line in


Fixed sub-headers display. All of them were marked as main headers

what would mess the dev docs.

Include test method naming convention in

removed docker-compose template-service a separate service here isn't needed for the CI environment since we'll be doing a docker-compose run on the builder service.

Add info on updating a resource with PUT

PUT is not necessarily an update; add info to indicate that.

Also reformat some lines to wrap at 100 characters.


Added more info about the override file

Linked to the Docker site explaining the way docker-compose.override.yml is used

added auto-vcs as git and annotation processing for IDEA

OLMIS-896, added contract section, cleaned e2e.

OLMIS-896, cleaned up integration testing section

OLMIS-896, cleaned up unit test section

OLMIS-896, prioritized test types

OLMIS-973, added test pyramid link and overview

olmis-896, added basic toc

moved testing guide out

Removed testing guide content and linked to new testing guide file

split testing guide to new document

added more to testing outline

added outline of testing goals

OLMIS-895: fixed readme