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olmis-896, added basic toc

moved testing guide out

Removed testing guide content and linked to new testing guide file

split testing guide to new document

added more to testing outline

added outline of testing goals

OLMIS-895: fixed readme

OLMIS-895: fixed readme

OLMIS-853: Merge with master

OLMIS-853: Added closing stream

OLMIS-853: Changed way of reading version file content

OLMIS-853: Changed try-catch block

OLMIS-853: Added javadoc comments, fixed logger

OLMIS-853: Changed service name

OLMIS-853: Changed service name

OLMIS-853: Added version file

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OLMIS-848: Fixed Sonar code analysis

OLMIS-750 Change default schema

Change default schema from public to service name. Hibernate does not automatically generate it, so a SQL file is added to create it, if it does not already exist.

Also add pretty print to JSON output.

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OLMIS-802 Add API guidelines to style guide

Add more guidelines.

OLMIS-802, started basic RESTful style guide

OLMIS-732: Sonar: Changes in docker-compose.builder.yml

Removing fixed container name of nginx-proxy in order to prevent conflicts

OLMIS-732: Fixes for executing Sonar on Jenkins

OLMIS-753, added unused import to pmd ruleset

OLMIS-765 Change properties to support Unicode

Change Transifex client to indicate message files support UTF-8 (Unicode) by specifying UNICODEPROPERTIES type.

Merge branch 'feature/transifex-build'

OLMIS-761 Reverse proxy server deployment (nginx)

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fixed readme spacing

OLMIS-753: Configure PMD ruleset

OLMIS-765 Add Transifex sync to build

Add Transifex into the development and build processes. Change the build process to use a script, rather than call gradle build directly, so that the build is in two steps--transifex and gradle.

Update documentation about Transifex. Remove translated file.

OLMIS-738 Change logback log format

Change log format to match closer to our desired log format, adding thread and log level.