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OLMIS-5036: lowered performance requirements for some tests

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OLMIS-5387: disabled success slack notifications for dev branches

OLMIS-5387: enabled slack notifications for release branches

OLMIS-5387: disabled slack notifications for branches

OLMIS-4943: Added subreport parameter and removed unnecessary code

OLMIS-4943: Updated physical inventory report

OLMIS-4943: Added missing datasetParameters in reports and display 0 instead of null

OLMIS-4943: Updated reports to use grouping size and separator from

OLMIS-4943: Updated JasperReportService to use Mockito instead of PowerMock to fix coverage issues

OLMIS-4943: Added missing tests for Jasper raports

OLMIS-4943: Fixed hex data for report

OLMIS-4943: Updated reports to use locale settings from

changed version from SNAPSHOT to BENIN

OLMIS-5396: fixed problem with docker network

Revert physical inventory report changes

OLMIS-4943: Updated jasper template in demo data

OLMIS-4943: Added datetime formatter argument to parse method in physical inventory report

OLMIS-4943: Updated physical inventory report to use datetime settings from

OLMIS-4942: Fixed changelog

OLMIS-4942: Added currency, number and date settings to application properties.

OLMIS-5083 :- Remove duplicate change log entry after making another change for the same ticket

OLMIS-5083 :- Added space in the message when date format error occurred

OLMIS-4928: Made keeping build forever secure

OLMIS-5083 :- Add information about date format in error message

OLMIS-4295: updated checkstyle to new google style

fixed LICENCE header

fixed import order

fixed minor code style issues

added missing periods in javadocs

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OLMIS-4940 added information in Changelog

OLMIS-5301: restricted erd generation step to master node

OLMIS-5297, lower case pwd for linux.

OLMIS-5297, enclose pwd in quotes

fixed typo in service version