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OLMIS-6614: Replaced multiple calls to reference data by one call to the `GET /api/orderableFulfills` endpoint

OLMIS-6614: Added missing javadoc param

OLMIS-6614: Fixed pmd errors

OLMIS-6614: Added changelog & fixed checkstyle/test errors

Merged with master

OLMIS-6614: Fixed compilation errors

OLMIS-6614: Fixed unit tests and add additional profiler

OLMIS-6614: Replaced multiple calls to referencedata by a one call

OLMIS-6590: Updated test comment

OLMIS-6590: Added more descriptive comment

OLMIS-6590: Added comments to describe the quantities

OLMIS-6590: Fixed changelog entry

OLMIS-6590: Fixed recalculating existing calculated stock on hand for physical inventory

OLMIS-6582: Changed wiremock dependency configuration to fix printing Physical Inventory

Revert "Release stockmanagement service 5.0.0-RC1"

This reverts commit c60541c8ebc33a198f86a5835216c1c04a7b1eac.

Release stockmanagement service 5.0.0-RC1

OLMIS-6564: Changed wiremock dependency configuration to avoid issue with HTTP response compression.

OLMIS-6573: Added possibility to fetch all valid sources/destinations via API

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Made improvements

Improved changelog

Used JpaRepository instead of PagingAndSortingRepository

Added changelog

Fixed failing test

Fixed wrong requestMapping arg

Fixed checkstyle issues

Added tests and made minor improvements

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Added findAll functionality

OLMIS-6483: fixed date field name in populate csoh table migration

OLMIS-6483: fixed date filed name in migration script

added getting reason from proper context while building line item

Revert "OLMIS-6483: added getting whole reason from context instead of just ID"

This reverts commit 99dffa73233b6354b378812be215b5e8d0c9ca0d.