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OLMIS-6772 Fix Sonar issues

OLMIS-6772 Fix report generation errors

* Jasper report generation is giving an error while trying to get the temp file that was created. Skip this temp file step as it does not seem necessary.

* Remove all exporters, as only PDFs are being generated.

* Specify correct datasource for different reports.

Released service version 5.0.2-RC1

OLMIS-6772 Update Spring Boot version to 2.x

* Update to Spring Boot 2.2.2

* Spring Security OAuth2 now needs to be reconfigured to same version (2.2.2)

* Update Flyway to version supported by Spring Boot 2.2 (Flyway 6.0.8)

* Spring Data and pagination methods have changed

* Pagination does not allow a null sort, and by default returns an object, rather than an array, so add CustomSortSerializer to serialize Sort

* Fix digest subscription DTO to serialize digestConfiguration property

* Update RAML parser and tester to fix random errors during integration tests

* Re-implement generation of Jasper reports.

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OLMIS-6745 :Include processingDate in ordering the line items

CFLM-6745: Put adjustments as last line items for a specific dates

OLMIS-6745: Change previousSoH to be taken from the day before the first line item

OLMIS-6745: Resolve issues with line items without id

OLMIS-6745: Removed bad smells from StockOnHandCalculationService (Sonar)

OLMIS-6745: Changed Transactional import package

Merge branch 'master' of

OLMIS-6745: Improved calculating SoH for the edge cases

OLMIS-6759: Moved change in changelog to the right section

OLMIS-6759: Added changelog

OLMIS-6759: Mocked external API in int tests

OLMIS-6745: Changed the order of calculating soh

OLMIS-6745: Added tests covering the problematic case

OLMIS-6759: Separated old and new calculation SoH logic

OLMIS-6759: Improved the error message when SoH is below zero

OLMIS-6759: Moved calculation of SoH to separate service

OLMIS-3490 Removed calculateStockOnHand method from QuantityValidator as these calculations and verification are being made in CalculatedStockOnHandService

OLMIS-3490 Removed redundant line

OLMIS-3490 Changed StockEventProcessContextBuilder to retrieve Stock Cards by Orderable ids

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OLMIS-3490 Added more profilers for SourceDestinationBaseService

OLMIS-3490 Changed orderables findAll to findByIds in StockEventProcessContextBuilder

OLMIS-3490: Added more profilers for LotValidator and SourceDestinationGeoLevelAffinityValidator

OLMIS-3490: Fixed too long line

OLMIS-3490: Made Xlogger variable final

OLMIS-3490: Added missing profilers to find performance issues

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OLMIS-6559 Fixed long product codes being cut in Physical Inventory printout