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OLMIS-6328: Removed unnecessary call to /orderableFullfils

2.0.3 release

OLMIS-6037: Added unstable build status for testing failures

Remove one line of code

Changed version to 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT

2.0.3-RC2 release

Address code review feedbacks.

OLMIS-6201: disallow choosing wrong unpack reason.

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    • +36
Bumped version to 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT

2.0.3-RC1 release

Kits unpacking increased test coverage and solve sonar issue

OLMIS-6113: Added a review comments

Fix linting errors

OLMIS-6113 : Create UI for kit unpacking in stock management

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Bump ui-components to 7.1.0-SNAPSHOT

Dependency has changed its version.

Remove node_modules folder after build

To try to cut down disk usage on build server.

OLMIS-5945: Edit changelog

OLMIS-5945: Edit changelog

OLMIS-5945:Add test cases

OLMIS-5945:Fix updating adjustment reason failure

OLMIS-5837: Bumped dev-ui to 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-5837: Made run test less fragile for adding run blocks in other modules

OLMIS-5976: Updated changelog

OLMIS-5976: Updated auth-ui to version 6.2.0

Bumped stockmanagement-ui version to 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT

Released stockmanagement-ui version 2.0.2

Bumped version to 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT

2.0.2-RC2 release

Bumped version to 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT

2.0.2-RC1 release