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OLMIS-6876: Fixed order created without releasing requisition

OLMIS-6866: Fixed Beginning balance empty column issue for Stock Based Requisitions

OLMIS-6868: Allowed approval of requisition to locally fulfilled facilities without additional fulfillment role

OLMIS-6862: Changed version to 8.3.1-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-6862: Patch release 8.3.0

Update Togglz API path

Add cleanup to Jenkinsfile

To avoid file system errors in subsequent builds.

OLMIS-6784 Add code coverage

OLMIS-6784 Fix Sonar and code coverage issue

While trying to improve test coverage, it was discovered that some classes that use PowerMock would be excluded from the Jacoco test coverage report. This is because PowerMock and Jacoco do not work well together, as PowerMock modifies classes during testing and Jacoco requires classes to be the same when creating reports. This can be fixed by configuring Jacoco to use offline instrumentation, but the level of effort is too much, so the alternative to removing the requirement of PowerMock in JasperReportsViewServiceTest. This is also the case in JasperTemplateServiceTest.

OLMIS-6784 Fix Sonar issues

OLMIS-6784 Fix Sonar issues

OLMIS-6784 Fix Sonar issues

OLMIS-6784 Move builder config to Gradle 5

Since we have figured out how to get Lombok working with Gradle 5.

Bumped version to 8.2.3-SNAPSHOT

Release 8.2.2

OLMIS-6784 Update Spring Boot version to 2.x

* Update to Spring Boot 2.2.2

* Spring Security OAuth2 now needs to be reconfigured to same version (2.2.2)

* Update Flyway to version supported by Spring Boot 2.2 (Flyway 6.0.8)

* Spring Data and pagination methods have changed

* Pagination does not allow a null sort, and by default returns an object, rather than an array, so add CustomSortSerializer to serialize Sort

* Fix digest subscription DTO to serialize digestConfiguration property

* Update RAML parser and tester to fix random errors during integration tests

* Re-implement generation of Jasper reports.

* Add lombok gradle plugin in order to get build to recognize lombok annotations.

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Revert "Released service version 8.2.2-RC2"

This reverts commit a37596390e3b07a031f64fbc79e5d1bb1353425c.

Released service version 8.2.2-RC2

OLMIS-6812: Extended changelog

OLMIS-6812: Added changelog

OLMIS-6776: Updated changelog

OLMIS-6776: Fixed the issue with invalid token error

OLMIS-6812: Set Requisition modified date before persisting it in the db

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Revert "Released service version 8.2.2-RC1"

This reverts commit 70ccc512f1629a0100c7f46d546d39e8a741bade.

Released service version 8.2.2-RC1

OLMIS-6793: removed validation for calculated order quantity ISA

OLMIS-6793: added missing changelog

OLMIS-6793: removed validation for calculated order quantity ISA

OLMIS-6741 Added changelog

OLMIS-6777: Added Transactional annotation to BatchRequisitionController