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Update release version to v7.0.0-RC1

OLMIS-5148: Adjusted the migration

OLMIS-5148: Extended migration to add column to all req templates

OLMIS-4982 Hide order columns from template when getting report-only requisition

When getting a report-only requisition, it references the original template, which does not have the order columns hidden. Hide them again. There is technical debt where the template should be snapshotted when the requisition is created. Once that technical debt is fixed, this logic should be unnecessary.

OLMIS-5119: disabled soh validation for SBRs

OLMIS-5002: Removed duplications

OLMIS-5002: Fixed Sonar issue

OLMIS-5002: Updated email body to be html

OLMIS-5002: Updated email body to be plain text

OLMIS-5002: Added sending email to everyone who committed since the last successful build

OLMIS-5002: Added email sending to all steps and fixed message

OLMIS-5002: Added required params for emailext

OLMIS-5002: Updated email sending to use emailext plugin

OLMIS-5002: Added mail sending to the build step in Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-5002: Updated email variable used in Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-5002: Updated email addresses in Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-5002: Updated email sending in Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-5002: Added email sending to the contract test step in Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4876: moved performance data to demo data container


OLMIS-4876: Applied new demo data loading approach

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OLMIS-4768 Modified unique status changes check

The previous implementation could raise false positives

in case two status changes had the same createdDate timestamp.

OLMIS-4800: removed '-' from COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME variable

OLMIS-4800: OLMIS-4800: pulled scripts from Jenkinsfile to separate files

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OLMIS-5073: Removed changelog

OLMIS-5073: Fixed displaying emergency requisitions in View Requisitions List

OLMIS-4982 Simplify report only check

Based on code review feedback.

OLMIS-4981: Renamed unit test

OLMIS-4982 Fix Sonar bug

Add test coverage for RequisitionTemplateColumn equals and hashCode.

OLMIS-4982 Add new order-related column

So it is excluded in report-only requisitions as well.