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OLMIS-1920: Removed files used in reference-ui

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OLMIS-1933 Change infrastructure/dev images from latest to 1

Moving away from latest to versioned image.

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OLMIS-1072: Changed directory paths to reflect new structure

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OLMIS-1072: Simplified Dockerfile-dev

OLMIS-1072: Removed independent packages, defering to dev-ui packages

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OLMIS-982: Fix startup script

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OLMIS-982: Nested locations/endpoints in service discovery.

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Revert "Added kss to dev build"

This reverts commit 2f9df63ec2b9c047ef5135dee3b7bd37f095d567.

Added kss to dev build

Using the run command doesn't work, changing to one CMD

Added FS context to RUN lines in /app

Remove npm/bower modules and reinstalled

- Updated Dockerfile-dev to delete pre-built folders

- Added buildessential so NodeJS compiles

- Added some comments to help the next idiot touching these files

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Removed comments that build/install node modules and bower

Got phantomJS to install correctly

Updated to NodeJS 6.9.1 (LTS)

This meant:

- Grunt to v1, and related packages

- Removing SC5 Styleguide

- Adding Grunt-KSS

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Removing attempt to use grunt-kss

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Adjusted build for grunt-kss

- Changed build ordered of bower and npm, removing double install of bower

- Changed grunt-kss verstion to 4.x

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Updated nodejs to v6

Added PhantomJS package

Turned off karma tests temporarily

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Installing phantomjs through apt-get

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Added PhantomJS for unit testing

Added PhantomJS to Karma tests, and updated tests so they pass. Tests

for offline functionality were turned off. Loaded in HTML templates

using ngHtml, and added watch command for a better dev experience.

Chrome related files have been removed.

Added proxy server and changed to grunt-connect from grunt-serve

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OLMIS-1046 Remove dev-ui for now

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