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Now that 3.0.0-beta is released, new work is towards 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Releasing 3.0.0-beta. Updating serviceVersion.

Added error messges for validation failure

OLMIS-818: Fixed issue with total losses and adjustments validation

OLMIS-818: Fixed some issues with product grid

OLMIS-818: Fixed the condition for displaying columns

OLMIS-818: Fixed an issue with validation when totalConsumedQuantity is hidden and stockOnHand is user input

OLMIS-1068: Adding min=0 to numeric fields (losses/adjustments modal)

OLMIS-1229: Renamed requisition to RequisitionFactory and Requisitions to RequisitionService

OLMIS-1214: change name of modal service and add reload state after dismiss modal window

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OLMIS-1229: Slight refactor of the column-template.factory

OLMIS-1230: Fixed broken validation

OLMIS-1068: Update total on stock adjustment removal

OLMIS-1230: remove hardcoded product code and name columns from product grid

OLMIS-1068: Stock adjustment modal window

commit 87248d152d8e414908ef37a3fe07aa55a44fd1dd

Author: MikolajBasSoldevelo <>

Date: Fri Oct 21 14:40:19 2016 +0200

OLMIS-1068 Stock adjustment modal window

OLMIS-1165: Made header dl based

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Removed weird border around .action-buttons

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changed user profile link to 404-page

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added css hack for proceed button color

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Tweaked navigation link colors

O:MIS-1214: Made bootbox template work correctly

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OLMIS-1229: Made the product grid respect the isDisplayed field

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OLMIS-1214: Fixed scss file name

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OLMIS-1214: Added timeout - close modal after 5sec

OLMIS-1214: Create success/error modals and apply to requisition page

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OLMIS-818: Added missing entries to the Status constant

Fixed the issue with period grid being too short after program being changed

Submit, Authorize, Reject and Approve will no longer be sending requisition with the request

OLMIS-1167: Standardize select form element

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OLMIS-818: Fixed issue with validation