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OLMIS-5134: Approve button will not be visible if user does not have right to supervisory node

OLMIS-5335: added changelog

OLMIS-5334: fixed ticket number in changelog

OLMIS-5335: enabled adjusted consumption column for SBR

OLMIS-4555: Add reload flag to reflect changes on admin programs screen.

OLMIS-4938: Fixed test description and used length + 1 instead of hardcoded number

OLMIS-4938: Added changelog

OLMIS-4938: Fixed requisition template columns order - moved locked columns to the top

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OLMIS-5334: added changelog and bumped version to minor

OLMIS-5334: enabled total and number of patients added columns for SBR

OLMIS-5115: Made requisition print button disabled when going offline

OLMIS-4928: Made keeping build secure

Changed version to 5.4.1-SNAPSHOT

5.4.0 release

Changed version to 5.4.0-SNAPSHOT

5.4.0-RC3 release

Changed version to 5.4.0-SNAPSHOT

5.4.0-RC2 release

OLMIS-5163: Refactored addColumn method

OLMIS-5163: New requisition template columns will now default to user input whenever possible

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OLMIS-5148: Added missing semicolon

OLMIS-5148: Refactored the calculateAdjustedConsumption to only get value of the additionalQuantityRequired column once

OLMIS-5148: Fixed broken product grid when there is no Additional Quantity Required column in the template

Changed version to 5.4.0-SNAPSHOT

5.4.0-RC1 release

OLMIS-5002: Removed duplications

OLMIS-5002: Added email notifications after failures

OLMIS-4535: Added missing isOffline flags to some states in order for them to cooperate with update offline interceptor

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OLMIS-5058: fixed description of feature flags in readme

OLMIS-4935: fixed generating idempotency key while removing requisitions

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