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Replace references to "openlmisServerUrl" with "openlmisServerURL."

OLMIS-2799: Fixed status-message layout to be less "div-it-y"

Renamed old methods & vars to not mention Submit right

Submit right does not exist

Fix right check for initiated/rejected requisitions

* CREATE is the correct right name, there is no SUBMIT right

OLMIS-2801: Added rights checks for initiated/rejected

Added these checks for initiated/rejected requisitions - only users

with the create right should be able to edit requisitions in this


Revert "Bumped dev-ui to v5"

This reverts commit e4c00cc9f8df44e6923280bb6ddd6a9fc130cf1e.

OLMIS-2801: Corrected add product button display

Bumped dev-ui to v5

Removed local change to docker-compose

Revert "Revert "OLMIS-2797: Updated product grid to not validate unless not openlmis-invalid-hidden""

This reverts commit 1b89537df2146cb847a93d99fdb0db37162b77a5.

Revert "OLMIS-2797: Updated product grid to not validate unless not openlmis-invalid-hidden"

This reverts commit 06926978a91ca41e2b1cf4b73fdd7a77fb52cf02.

OLMIS-2801: Change ng-show to ng-if

OLMIS-2797: Updated product grid to not validate unless not openlmis-invalid-hidden

OLMIS-2801: Fix check for showing add non-full supply product button

We now check user rights, users that have the authorize right

are able do add a product, user that don't are not. I've also

extended the tests for the add button hide/show.

OLMIS-2797: Added changelog entry

OLMIS-2797: Tweaked unit test to be more direct

- Previous version of unit test tried to grab function it was testing

directly, but changes in scope made function seem non-existant. New

version actually complies to test name better.

OLMIS-2775: Work in Progress

OLMIS-2797: Removed openlmis-popover to show error, replaced with openlmis-invalid

OLMIS-2797: Removed validation check since it runs immedately

OLMIS-2775: Updated JSDocs

OLMIS-2775: Refactored totalLossesAndAdjustmentsModalService to only take list of adjustments and reasons

OLMIS-2600: changed label for not active program on settings page

OLMIS-2602: Renamed statusMessagesService to statusMessagesModalService

OLMIS-2600: removed unused dependencies from controller

OLMIS-2600: some stylistic changes after review

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OLMIS-2602: Removed bootbox from the requisition-ui

OLMIS-2600: restored recently removed files

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OLMIS-2600: moved some program admin pages to referencedata

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OLMIS-2602: Removed ngBootbox from requisition-status-messages module

OLMIS-2602: Remove convert to order modal